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So that’s Easter over for another year.  Thank Christ I hear you respond, and yes indeed that’s how the story goes. But it got me thinking - how come the card shops and supermarkets hadn’t managed to spread their sales opportunities for family holidays by coming up with the Easter cracker?  So I did a little search and found that they exist in abundance, but people haven’t got into the habit yet. Get ready for the Mother’s Day cracker in years to come.  And that will be a few more years on for France.


So the Pope doesn’t want to stay in the normal papal apartment and has elected to stay in the Vatican guesthouse.  It is nice that there is so much to choose from, maybe he will start selling off some real estate.  And I hope he continues to lead by the example he is setting as it is quite refreshing.  He could get together with Bill Gates and co-fund the fight against malaria. Or will they need all the cash they can get hold of in order to pay all the claims that continue to come out of the confession box woodwork?


It turns out that the Jesuits think he should have had a Jesuit name like Ignatius after the founder of the order, oh how complicated the world is!


Well you responded in large numbers again for the Hot X Buns made by Hannes and I guess it was made easier with so many outlets to order from.


Everyone had a good time at Toques? Next year it’s in Toureilles should be interesting as it is quite a small village.

It shouldnt be long before there is a remake of the class sketch featuring messrs Barker, Corbett and Cleese, with five comedians looking down on the precarious proletariat representative.


I am beginning to think Les Estivales festival in Perpignan will be featuring some interesting artistes this year, check it out from the 11th April to find out what will be coming up.










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French residents are liable for French taxes on all their worldwide investment income and gains. Investment income includes bank interest (even if you do not draw this) and dividends (even if these are re-invested).  For those people fortunate to have any winnings, for example, from premium bonds or the lottery, these are also taxable as investment income. So too are distributions from trusts – whether these are income or capital distributions. Gains realised from the sale of any financial assets, for example, shares and investment funds/unit trusts are caught within the taxable net.

Even if your investments are held within a structure that is tax-free in another country (for example, the UK ISA), if you are French resident, you will be still liable to the French taxes on these sources of income and gains. If you are in doubt as to whether or not you are French resident, please call me for a confidential discussion.

Since the beginning of this year, investment income and gains are taxed in the same way as other income, for example, from pensions and earnings. As such, your investment income will now be added to your other income and taxed as follows:

In France, there are also social contributions (cotisations sociales or prélèvements sociaux). Essentially, the social contributions consist of five different taxes and all are applied to investment income. The result is that investment income is taxed at 15.5%, in addition to the income tax and/or capital gains tax mentioned above.

Just like many other countries, France has its own forms of tax-efficient savings and investments. For short-term savings. There is a range of tax-free accounts. However, as I mentioned in my last article (‘Avoiding the Cash Trap’) keeping too much cash - beyond what someone may need to meet short-term capital and emergency needs - can be disastrous for savers. So another solution is needed for medium to long-term savings. That solution is, of course, assurance vie.

I will not go over the technical detail of the tax-efficiency of assurance vie here because Rob and I have covered this many times. However, a simple example may help to demonstrate the potential tax saving, by using a case of a couple with combined private pension income of €26,000 per annum and taxable bank interest of €5,000 per annum.

Without taking any action to reduce the tax bill, based on the current tax rates and rules, they would have an income tax bill of €1,298 and a social contributions bill of €775, resulting in total taxes of €2,073.

However, if they were to shelter their bank deposits within an assurance vie and assuming that they did not take any withdrawals from the investment, their taxable income (revenue fiscal de reference) would be less. On this basis, their income tax bill would be reduced to €466 and their social contributions bill to zero, resulting in a total tax saving would be €1,607!

Even if the couple were to take a withdrawal from the assurance vie, only the gain element of the amount withdrawn would be taxable and so this would still be considerably more tax-efficient than the alternative of bank deposit interest.

Keeping your taxable income to a minimum can bring other tax savings. For example, for a couple who had taxable income of less than €15,684 in 2012, where at least one of them is over age 60, they will be exempt from Taxe d’Habitation in 2013 on their principal residence. Even if their taxable income is higher, providing that this did not exceed around €34,000 for 2012, then then this property tax would be reduced. The same income limits also apply for the couple to benefit from tax exemption or reduction for the Taxe Foncière for those over age 75.

Tax savings directly increase the net income to the household. In addition, tax savings on invested financial assets indirectly improve the net investment return over the long-term. Whilst tax should not be the overriding driver to the investment decisions that anyone makes, why pay unnecessary taxes when an alternative legitimate solution is available?

With careful planning you can avoid paying unnecessary taxes on your investments. However, it is also important that you have investments that are suitable for your needs and in line with your attitude to investment risk. Hence, it is very important to seek professional independent financial advice before selling existing investments and entering into new ones.

You may have noticed that our logo is “With Care, You Prosper”. Need I say more?

On a final note, French tax return time is approaching and residents must submit their returns in May. If anyone finds that they need to complete the pink 2047 form, this means that you have foreign income and/or gains to declare. If this is for any reason other than pension income and earnings, then perhaps you may benefit from a brief discussion to see if you situation can be improved.

If you would like more information about investing on a tax-efficient basis for France (whether for investing an amount of capital and/or saving on a regular basis), or any other aspect of retirement and inheritance planning, please contact me for more information either by e-mail at or by telephone on 04 68 20 30 17.

The Spectrum IFA Group advisers do not charge any fees for their time or for advice given, as can be seen from our Client Charter at:





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Aude Generic Summer 378









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 massfit back





As we get older, many of us feel an increasing desire to ‘take care’ of ourselves a bit more – we are mindful of the fact that we want our bodies to function as efficiently as possible, allowing us to experience less pain, less restriction of movement and to have more energy.




Far from being a luxurious indulgence, massage should really be viewed as a remarkably effective ‘preventative tool’ in the kitbag of those who are looking to ‘take charge’ of their own health and wellness!


Massage, by its very nature, is HOLISTIC, therefore it affects the body and mind on many different levels (interestingly, in an experiment where massage was done under general anaesthetic, no effects were found to have taken place – massage works on a neuromuscular level).




Although massage is an ancient therapy, it is currently experiencing an exciting new phase due to the discovery of the role of something called myofascia.


Myofascia was previously something that was tossed to one side by anatomists during dissections digging around to get to the more ‘exciting’ muscles.


Fascia is the fascinating biological ‘fabric and glue’ that holds us together and that surrounds every structure in the body. Without this fabric the 70% of our body that is water would end up as a puddle on the floor. There are various types of fascia depending on the job it needs to do in the body  - we’re interested in MYOFASCIA which surrounds our muscles like a kind of ‘body stocking’




Researchers in America have removed a CONTINUAL piece of this myofascia from a (dead!) body which runs from the top of the head, down the back, down the leg and right underneath the foot.




What this means from a massage standpoint is that working on one part of the body can affect the body AS A WHOLE. Also, the part of you that is hurting is not necessarily the part of you that is causing the pain!




So, if you have pain that just doesn’t seem to go away, if you want to have more energy and if you want to address your overall health – think about giving your body the equivalent of a car service every so often, have a massage!




For those of you who are not of a nervous disposition (anatomical drawings a dissections on show!) and would like to find out more about myofascia, please visit:




Next week: Exploring different types of massage





Pat Penny - Health and Fitness Specialist,  Massage Therapist
European Register of Exercise Professionals



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bellegarde plant






Fingers crossed, it really does feel like spring now so there are lots of jobs to get on with in the garden.  It is a good time to sow new grass seed and established lawns will start to need cutting.  Spring flowering shrubs such as forsythia can be pruned after flowering and as the weather warms up so the weeds will start to grow - weeding is an on-going task.

The lovely Iris germanica is starting to come into flower now, it is a rhizomatous perennial that grows to just
under a metre high.  In the type species the falls (the downward pointing petals) are a deep blue with white markings at the base while the standards (the upright petals) are purplish in colour.  This plant has been in cultivation for so long that no-one really knows it's origin.  There are many, many cultivars of this in a huge range of colours.  One of the best local sources is the iris nursery at Meze, the website is but it is best to arrange to visit to see the full range of varieties.  If you go walking on the garrigue during April you are likely to come accross another iris; the native Iris lutescens which also naturally occurs in a range of colours but only grows to about 15cm high.  One of the best walks to see a good display if Iris lutescens is on the waymarked walk called Le Cagarot at Conques sur Orbiel just north east of Carcassonne.

For any garden queries do get in touch with Gill Pound ( 04 68 78 43 81 or ). La Petite Pépinière de Caunes 21, av de la Montagne Noire (route de Citou) 11160 Caunes-Minervois. Open on Fridays & Saturdays from 10 to 18h and Sunday mornings from 10 to 12h from the beginning of March until the end of November and at any time of the year by appointment.  


COME and SING with GUSTO!!!





(off the D118 south of Limoux)


Friday 12 April 2013 at 18.30


The English Speaking Anglican Church of the Aude

For further details please contact Henry: 04 68 69 56 02



The Property Page




Cepie, 11300             210,000€

Attractive traditional  villa in the pretty village of Cepie conveniently placed between Carcassonne and Limoux, approximately 20 minutes from Salvaza airport.  With ample parking for several cars and set in a large garden both quiet and private with fruit trees, the property comprises: Entrance Hall with fitted cupboard, wc with wash-hand basin.  Fully fitted Kitchen with electric oven, gas/electric hob and plumbing for dish-washer.  Utility Room plumbed for auto washer and with fitted cupboards and shelves.  Lounge/Dining Area with large fireplace and inset glass-fronted, wood burning fire, two sets of french doors leading to Conservatory.


 Two double bedrooms with fitted cupboards.  Bathroom with shower over bath and fitted vanity unit and linen cupboard..  Further Bedroom 3 or Sitting Room giving access to garden.  Electric heaters throughout.  Covered terrace to front with pleasant south-facing views.  Open terrace to rear with built-in BBQ.  Separate workshop with electricity.  Energy rating D.


Price: 210,000 euros.


Contact: Mavis Bentley


Tel: 04 68 20 52 34




 dpe bentley


Detached modern house for sale in Montréal


WANTED.  An apartment with a large terrace  within  the Bastide Carcassonne.

Car space or garage would be preferable. 

 I need to find someone to rent a room in my apartment (listed warehouse building, next to Borough Market, London, SE1), for during the week. It's a double room, for six months,
from June. Lizzie


to respond to either of these please email,


Villa for sale 11390 Brousses-et-Villaret Aude 295,000 €


20120902-IMG 1663

CARCASSONNE: villa for quick sale - €160,000-


Holiday Apartment AiguaBlava,

Costa Brava


Naturist Property 115.000 euro


for 13 editions (6months)
link to your own web page

Bordebasse du Lac - Cottage available for long term rental


Semi detached house with stunning mountain views 150,000€





Thanks for all the info on Torques and Clochers.

Thought this might amuse ... 

I was in a busy cafe in Place Carnot, Carcassonne yesterday afternoon, where I had to wait 15 minutes for a small coffe.  A woman came in and asked if there was a table free and the stressed server said to her, no, we are really busy. If you want a coffee or tea its better to come in the morning!  ???? 

I looked at the customer, she looked at me and we both shrugged shoulders ... and she of course walked out saying she would go elsewhere.   There are still many shopkeepers and restaurants who really don't know how to look after the customer here.




Some vide greniers and foires!

Please check before setting off

They also have a sister site where you can giveaway stuff or find stuff others are giving

Its all recycling - you know it makes sense!

If there are two in the same town on the same day, it could be a duplicate on the site or a second event

Black = Aude - Brown = Ariege


Vendredi 5 Avril 2013    
Leuc  (deco d'Antan - Antiquité Brocante)             
Samedi 6 Avril 2013        
Coursan  (Coursan)
Leuc  (deco d'Antan - Antiquité Brocante)
Narbonne  (vide grenier dimanches et jours feries)
Port Leucate  (vide greniers)
Quillan  (Brocante de quillan)
Mazères  (Salon d'antiquites-brocante)
Montgailhard  (Salon d'antquite brocante)
Saverdun  (vide grenier)
Dimanche 7 Avril 2013   
Arzens  (VIDE-GRENIERS Chorale la Malepère ARZENS)
Azille  (vide-grenier, brocante)
Bize-Minervois  (2e vigne grenier du petanque club de bize)
Canet  (vide grenier de la mjc)
Carcassonne  (vide Grenier du Carcassonne Pétanque Sport)
Carcassonne  (vide grenier brocante)
Coursan  (Vide grenier)
Leuc  (deco d'Antan - Antiquité Brocante)
Lézignan-Corbières  (brocante vide grenier)
Limoux  (Brocante)
Limoux  (loto du tennis club)
Mirepeisset  (vide greniers)
Montréal  (vide Greniers / Marché Artisanal)
Narbonne  (vide grenier dimanches et jours feries)
Narbonne  (vide-grenier du printemps)
Narbonne  (vide-grenier)
Peyriac-de-Mer  (vide-greniers)
Rustiques  (vide greniers de Rustiques)
Saint-Pierre-la-Mer  (vide greniers)
Ventenac-Cabardès  (vide-grenier aux profit pour les ecoles)
Villasavary  (vide grenier)
Villeneuve-les-Corbières  (vide grenier)
Villeneuve-Minervois  (vide-grenier / Vide-jardin)
Vinassan  (vides greniers)
Foix  (vide grenier de Labarre)

Mazères  (vide grenier mensuel)

Mazères  (Salon d'antiquites-brocante)

Montgailhard  (Salon d'antquite brocante)

Pamiers  (Marché et puces et à la brocantes)

Saint-Lizier  (marché aux Puces, de la cave au grenier)

Vendredi 12 Avril 2013  

Leuc  (deco d'Antan - Antiquité Brocante)             

Samedi 13 Avril 2013      

Coursan  (Coursan)

Leuc  (deco d'Antan - Antiquité Brocante)

Narbonne  (vide grenier dimanches et jours feries)

Quillan  (Brocante de quillan)

Saverdun  (vide grenier)

Dimanche 14 Avril 2013                 

Alairac  (vide grenier de l'ecole d'alairac)

Armissan  (vide grenier du Comité des Fêtes)

Bages  (vide-greniers)

Carcassonne  (vide grenier des Capucins)

Carcassonne  (vide grenier des capucins)

Carcassonne  (vide grenier brocante)

Carcassonne  (vide grenier du DAVILLA PETANQUE)

Coursan  (vide grenier Association des parents st exupery-r.chavernac)

Coursan  (Vide grenier)

Fleury d'aude  (vide-Grenier)

Leuc  (deco d'Antan - Antiquité Brocante)

Leucate  (vide grenier du SCLR XV)

Lézignan-Corbières  (brocante vide grenier)

Narbonne  (vide grenier dimanches et jours feries)

Ornaisons  (vide grenier)

Ouveillan  (vide grenier de printemps)

Rieux-Minervois  (bourse vêtements et jouets)

Saint-Couat-d'Aude  (vide grenier)

Salles-sur-l'Hers  (vide-grenier vide-jardin des parents d'élèves)

Villegailhenc  (vide-grenier des Ecoles)

Pamiers  (Marché et puces et à la brocantes)

Saverdun  (brocante)

Verniolle  (brocante des enfants de l' a.l.a.e de verniolle)

 What's On



ICE AGE LIVE 5/7 April Zenith Toulouse

MELODY GARDOT 14 April Halle aux Grains Toulouse

ALPHA BLONDY & THE SOLAR SYSTEM 17 April Bikini Toulouse

PINK MARTINI 18 April Zinga Zanga Beziers

THE BREEDERS 27 May Bikini Toulouse

TOTO 15 June Zenith Toulouse



DAVID GUETTA 21 June Carcassonne Festival

LES GIPSY KINGS 28 June Zenith Toulouse

ARCTIC MONKEYS 15 July Carcassonne Festival


SMASHING PUMPKINS 17 July Carcassonne Festival


LIZA MINNELLI 18 July Carcassonne Festival




NAIVE NEW BEATERS & TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB 20 July  Carcassonne Festival

GEORGE CLINTON & THE BLUES BROTHERS 21 July Carcassonne Festival

Benjamin Biolay + Patti Smith + Lou Reed 22 July Carcassonne Festival

MARK KNOPFLER 24 July Carcassonne Festival


STEEL PULSE 9 Oct Bikini Toulouse

LIL WAYNE 12 Oct Zenith Toulouse

FOALS 3 Nov Bikini Toulouse

SUEDE 4 Nov Bikini Toulouse

ROMEO ET JULIETTE 15 Nov Zenith Toulouse


WITHIN TEMPTATION 20 Jan Bikini Toulouse 

benicassim 13  04-2013 - Expo Art Singulier Carca1




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up to 8 images and 500 words, plus contact details - your own property web page linked to the "Property Page" section of the Flyer for 13 editions

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Finished artwork to be 756 pixels by 200 pixels landscape or 378 pixels by 400 pixels portrait

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Finished artwork to be 378 pixels by 200 pixels landscape

Large Display Advert - Small Companies and Sole Traders (at my discretion)


Finished artwork to be 756 pixels by 200 pixels landscape or 378 pixels by 400 pixels portrait

Standard Display Advert - Small Companies and Sole Traders (at my discretion)

25 €

Finished artwork to be 378 pixels by 200 pixels landscape

What's on feature advert

35 €

Finished artwork to be 378 pixels by 515 pixels portrait

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