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It’s March already, and soon time for Toques et Clochers on March 23th.   I do think it might be best tied to a certain date in the calendar rather than a floating date based on a religious calendar.


The weather forecast says it will be minus eight during the night next Wednesday and that’s only 10 days before, that’s no way to enjoy oneself drinking wine outdoors.


I was wondering who HRH Queen Elizabeth was going to meet on her trip to Italy as it was due to take place today and tomorrow, because to the best of my knowledge at the recent general election there was some trouble forming a government.    The kingmaker, the one who can side with one or other parties to make it all work, is Beppe Grillo a comedian who had told the rest of the other comedians (politicians) to shove it.  This may now have all been worked out?


Anyway so my thinking was that as there was no government, no Prime Minister nor Pope to visit and as she’s already done the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain and all the other touristy things - why not call it off?   Well that’s OK for you and I but if you are HRH then you need a bloody good reason, so roll in the favourite workplace ‘sicky’ gastroenteritis, no external symptoms, perfect, and fixed quite soon.


I tried to find out where she was due to be on her “Official visit”  and a spokesman at the Palace said “The Pantheon”  so she had clearly missed this one on her previous visits and this must have been the thing to tip it when she was invited by the President of Italy.  I didn’t even know they had one. The current job holder is the first to have been a member of the communist party.   President Giorgio Napolitano won himself the nickname King George when he held it altogether the last time Berlusconi went, and then overstepped his ceremonial powers by appointing  Mario Monti as a Senator for life and Prime Minister designate.   He must have a nice life, living on one of the hills of Rome in the Quirinal Palace, built by one of the popes.  Wonderful thing communism!




Did you see that the ex-Pope got his pope-o-copter to take him the short distance to his holiday home?   It is interesting the way Churches spend money and brush stuff under the carpet.


When I hear anything about the French military involvement in Mali, it makes me think it may have come from a misheard conversation or a misinterpreted memo which said “you’ve got mail”.



In case of its of any use BMI Regional are starting a Toulouse Blagnac to Brimingham apt service in May, I am a little confused because I thought BMI went away after the BA/ Iberia takeover last year?




As I don’t really think Sterling or the Euro have changed in their popularity or stability yet the pound has become considerably weaker and I have the feeling this always happens at the beginning of the year.   So maybe it’s a British government tactic of weakening the currency when people are thinking of their summer holidays. And that then ties in with all of the TV series that show you every nook cranny of stately homes all over the UK.







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I think that it is fair to say that the global economy has been ill for some time! Central banks throughout the developed world have tried to cure the illness in the form of ultra-low interest rates and other extraordinary measures, aimed at stimulating economic growth. The outcome is that it has ‘dethroned cash from its former place as king’.


For all of us today, wealth preservation is key to the decisions that we make regarding the investment of our financial assets. This is even more important if you are retired and so no longer have the possibility of increasing your wealth by saving from disposable income.


For risk-averse investors, the traditional way of saving has usually been bank deposits, feeling this to be safe and secure. Understandably, when you could get a decent rate of interest – especially if index-linked – then this was often sufficient for their needs. However, today, this is no longer a viable solution, particularly if the investor needs to supplement their pension income from their investment income. Even for those who do not need to take the income from their capital, the real value of their capital is not being protected in the low-interest rate environment that we are experiencing.


Keeping too much cash - beyond what someone may need to meet short-term capital and emergency needs - can be disastrous for savers. The decline in income generated by deposit accounts and some other ‘perceived safe-haven’ fixed interest investments has all but completely dried up. The decline is not imaginary or hypothetical and the lost income means less money to meet the household needs. Combined with a stronger Euro, which we are also currently experiencing, this can make it more difficult for the expatriate to meet their income needs.


How do we avoid the ‘cash trap’?


The simple answer is to invest part of your financial assets in investments that are delivering a real rate of return (i.e. after allowing for inflation). Naturally, this means taking some risk, but there are different types of risk. What is clear is that investing in cash for the long-term is not a risk-free strategy. Cash no longer delivers a ‘risk free rate’ but instead creates a ‘rate free risk’. Hence, finding the appropriate risk strategy will depend entirely upon the investor’s individual circumstances.


If you need to take income from your capital, since bank deposit returns no longer meet your requirements, you need to cast a wider net than was historically needed. This will result in a move up, not down, the risk spectrum. For example, dividends have generated constant income over decades for investors, as well as long-term capital growth. However, risk-averse investors have often steered clear of equities for fear of losing their capital.


Since 2008, many companies have now put their house in order. Such companies are no longer highly indebted and are sitting with cash on their balance sheets. The companies that interest the fund managers with whom we arrange our clients’ investments are those that have a good dividend policy. By good, this means that not only are they paying a dividend, but it is growing.


So despite any short-term volatility in stock markets, which may result in a short-term reduction in the value of the capital, income can still be delivered in the form of dividends. Even if income is not needed and instead the dividends are re-invested, the compounding effect will increase the amount of capital growth.


Clearly, it is not a good idea to ‘put all eggs in one basket’. Therefore, it is very important to have a diversified portfolio of investments that is structured to meet the objectives of the individual investor. Avoiding the ‘cash trap’ is an essential part of that process.


We are constantly working closely with investment managers and product providers to find the best solutions for our clients and we like to share this with you. Many people have attended our seminars throughout France and some of you reading this may have already been to the local event, Le Tour de Finance, which usually takes place at the Domaine Gayda every October. The Gayda seminar is always popular, but for some people in the Aude, is just a little too far to travel. So this year, there will be another event in Narbonne on Thursday, 21st March 2013 and this will give you the opportunity to listen to some of the fund management companies with which we work. For those of you who are further afield reading this, there are other new seminar locations also, including Pau, which takes place on the following day, Friday, 22nd March. For the full list of all seminar venues and dates, please see the website at


If you would like to attend Le Tour de Finance or if you would like more information about investing on a tax-efficient basis for France (whether for investing an amount of capital and/or saving on a regular basis), or any other aspect of retirement and inheritance planning, please contact me for more information either by e-mail at or by telephone on 04 68 20 30 17.


The Spectrum IFA Group advisers do not charge any fees for their time or for advice given, as can be seen from our Client Charter at:


Daphne Foulkes


SIRET 522 658 194 00017


Numéro d’immatriculation ORIAS 10 056 800






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UK Inheritance Tax Bills To Rise - Will This Affect You?

By Bill Blevins, Blevins Franks Financial Correspondent


UK inheritance tax bills look set to rise, and more families dragged into the inheritance tax net, over the next six years. 


The inheritance tax nil rate band (the amount of your estate your heirs can inherit tax free), which has already been frozen since 2009/2010, will be frozen for several more years.  This is effectively a tax rise in real terms because of inflation. 


The current UK nil rate band is £325,000 per individual.  Spouses and civil partners have a potential combined threshold of £650,000.   The tax rate is then a fixed 40%. 


In the past, this threshold increased each year with inflation.  It has however been frozen since April 2009, as part of austerity measures.  The government confirmed in the 2012 budget that there would be no change until at least April 2015.


As part of the Autumn Statement last December, Chancellor George Osborne announced that the threshold would increase by 1%, rounded up to £329,000, from 2015.  Just a couple of months later, however, this has been overturned.  The threshold will now remain frozen until at least 2019.


This was announced as part of the government’s plans for funding care for the elderly.  A cap of £75,000 will be introduced from 2017 on the costs people pay for care.   After this the state will take over. 


The inheritance tax freeze is expected to fund around 20% of the costs.  Changes to pensions and National Insurance are also expected to contribute to the funding.


It is calculated that freezing the threshold until 2019 will bring an extra 5,000 estates into the inheritance tax net,  earning the Treasury an extra £1 billion tax revenues each year. 


If the threshold increased with inflation, it would reach £420,000 by 2019.  This means that families could lose an extra £95,000 from their inherited estates in 2019.


How does this affect French residents?

UK inheritance tax is usually based on domicile rather than residence, so British expatriates can remain liable for this tax even if they have lived outside the UK for many years. 

The situation is different for expatriates in France, however, as under the UK/France Double Tax Treaty long-term French residents are deemed to be domiciled in France for UK inheritance tax purposes.  As a result, their worldwide estate is subject to French succession tax, although UK inheritance tax will always apply to UK assets. 

On your death, your UK assets will be assessed in the UK to see if you have any liability to tax there.  If you do, any tax will be payable and the UK tax paid can be credited against the French succession tax due on your total assets.  If no tax is due in the UK, then succession tax is payable only in France.

French succession tax is payable on your worldwide assets if you are resident here when you die.  The French succession laws will not apply to UK real estate (although it does to ‘moveable’ assets at the moment, but not after June 2015, although you will have to take steps to ensure that it does not apply by default), but succession tax does.

French succession tax can be complicated enough, and it gets more complex if you have UK assets.  In this case you need to full understand both the local and UK rules, and how they interact, and then review the way you hold your assets to see if you can take steps to lower death taxes for your heirs

For advice on tax planning for today and the future, on your estate as well as on your savings and investments, seek expert professional advice from a firm like Blevins Franks which has decades of experience advising British expatriates on effective tax mitigation and wealth management strategies, and can guide you through the rules in both France and the UK.

Contact your local Blevins Franks Partner, Mary Taylor, on

05 62 30 51 40 or


Mary is holding seminars in Pau on 20 March and Perpignan on 21 March.  The seminars will explain the various tax changes that will impact your investments and wealth and how they affect you. You may reserve your place online by clicking here.


The tax rates, scope and relief may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice.


To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website





Email:;  National Website:


Forum:     Local Website:


 Local Association No : W112000594




6 au 12 mars 2013

meteo ciel3












So after a frankly miserable winter, Spring seems to be tentatively on its way – tempting us all to go rushing out into the garden and dig and plant like mad things.


But after a long ‘off season’, it pays to take things gently for a while and lower yourself back in gently – it’s no different to an athlete taking time off and then coming back into training thinking he can pick up on the same level as he left off on.


You need to prepare your body for the stretching, lifting and general contortions that is going to be demanded of it during a long season.


One of the most common gardening injuries is back pain – you can lessen the chance of this developing by doing two very simple things: Doing a stretch to put some flexibility into your back and by not doing certain movements.




 Back Stretch


You can stretch your back by lying on the floor, pulling your knees into your chest and wrapping your arms around them. Hold that position for a minute, relax and repeat twice more.


This is a good stretch to do regardless of whether you are on gardening duties or not!




Don’t do this type of movement……..


Never lift / bend and twist at the same time – this is exactly the seemingly innocuous sort of little movement that can result in a ‘back going out’.




Other things to think about before you hurl yourself into the garden:




Pace yourself. Do the hard stuff first, before you’re tired out and more likely to overexert.




Don’t hunch. If you squat when you weed, keep your back as straight as possible and move along as you weed, don’t reach too far.




When lifting, always bend from the knees, not the waist, and try to keep your back straight. Use your thigh muscles to do the lifting. Move your feet closer to the object you are lifting and take a wide stance, to balance yourself. Keep the object close to you as you lift it.










Happy Gardening!





Pat Penny - Health and Fitness Specialist,  Massage Therapist
European Register of Exercise Professionals



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Despite a nasty cold snap towards the end of Feb the weather is starting to warm up at last.  Time to carry on cutting back perennials and sub shrubs and to finish pruning roses.  It is also a good moment to clean up and service garden machinery ready for the season.

Two pretty native plants are bringing colour to gardens at the moment.  The scented, yellow flowered Coronilla glauca is an evergreen shrub that flowers from mid February until the beginning of April, it likes a well drained soil in sun or half shade and grows to about 1m x 1m; it is a short lived shrub but hapily tends to reseed it self around.  Vinca difformis is an evergreen sub shrub with very pale blue flowers, it makes good ground cover in shade although it can become invasive.

For any garden queries do get in touch with Gill Pound ( 04 68 78 43 81 or ). La Petite Pépinière de Caunes 21, av de la Montagne Noire (route de Citou) 11160 Caunes-Minervois. Open on Fridays & Saturdays from 10 to 18h and Sunday mornings from 10 to 12h from the beginning of March until the end of November and at any time of the year by appointment.  



The Property Page

sorry i am still working on these repairs


Detached modern house for sale in Montréal

within walking distance from the shops. Around the house is a well layed out garden. On the private parking there is place for three cars. In the house are three bedrooms two with a wardrobe with sliding doors. There is a small bathroom with bath and wash-hand basin. The living has two dubble doors to the terras at the back that gives a view on the Montagne Noir. There is an open kitchen with a window to the front terras. There is a awning over the whole front terras. There is a utility-room next to the kitchen. Attached to the house is a shed. Bus stop from/to Carcassonne/Bram twice a day in front of house.


 Bob de Mey, Avenue de Languedoc 13, 11290 Montréal. Tel. and mobile 06.477.38.359

energy mont house


Villa for sale 11390 Brousses-et-Villaret Aude 295,000 €


20120902-IMG 1663

CARCASSONNE: villa for quick sale - €160,000-

New Pics of House 6.02.11 038smArchitect designed Villa finished to a very high standard with character features close to Bellegarde du Razes 310,000€


Pech Luna (11420)

beautiful renovated country house

P1010018Modern,environmentally friendly house built in 2007. 295,000€


Holiday Apartment AiguaBlava,

Costa Brava


Naturist Property 115.000 euro


for 13 editions (6months)
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Bordebasse du Lac - Cottage available for long term rental


Semi detached house with stunning mountain views 150,000€




I expect that the family and friends of the French troops killed in Mali would be only to pleased to be able to get mail from their loved ones.

Even if we disagree with the deployment of British troops to various hotspots round the world we don't belittle what is being done.

France provides vital support in a number of the smaller countries in Africa and it behoves us to treat their involvement and the troops they deploy with the same respect that we expect for British troops.

If you disagree with what the French are doing please make some measured and informed comment; at the very least out of respect for those who put their lives on the line.

Whether we are residents or guests in this country at little respect is due.

Grahame Pigney



Some vide greniers and foires!

Please check before setting off

They also have a sister site where you can giveaway stuff or find stuff others are giving

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If there are two in the same town on the same day, it could be a duplicate on the site or a second event

Black = Aude - Brown = Ariege


Vendredi 8 Mars 2013   
Leuc  (deco d'Antan)       
Mirepeisset  (bourse aux vêtements)     
Samedi 9 Mars 2013       
Bram  (1er Loto du club des majorettes Les Fripouilles)
Coursan  (Coursan)
Leuc  (deco d'Antan)
Mirepeisset  (bourse aux vêtements)
Narbonne  (vide grenier dimanches et jours feries)
Quillan  (Brocante de quillan)
Mirepoix  (vide grenier special vetements)
Saverdun  (vide grenier)
Dimanche 10 Mars 2013               
Alzonne  (1er loto au profit de la lutte contre la mucoviscidose)
Bram  (vide grenier)
Carcassonne  (vide grenier)
Carcassonne  (vide grenier brocante)
Caunes-Minervois  (vide grenier)
Coursan  (Vide grenier)
Leuc  (deco d'Antan)
Leucate  (vide grenier du SCLR XV)
Lézignan-Corbières  (brocante vide grenier)
Mirepeisset  (bourse aux vêtements)
Narbonne  (vide grenier dimanches et jours feries)
Plavilla  (vide greniers et brocante)
Rieux-Minervois  (super Loto)
Rieux-Minervois  (bourse aux vetements jouets livres et puériculture)
Leuc  (deco d'Antan)       

Trèbes  (bourse aux vêtements - Vide Dressing)Pamiers  (Marché et puces et à la brocantes)

Mercredi 13 Mars 2013 

Gruissan  (brocantes professionelles)      Samedi 16 Mars 2013     
Coursan  (Coursan)
Leuc  (deco d'Antan)
Maquens  (marché de printemps des createurs)
Narbonne  (vide grenier dimanches et jours feries)
Quillan  (Brocante de quillan)
Saverdun  (vide grenier)
Dimanche 17 Mars 2013               
Alet-les-Bains  (marche de printemps)
Badens  (loto)
Canet  (1° grand vide greniers de printemps)
Carcassonne  (vide grenier brocante)
Coursan  (Vide grenier)
Homps  (vide grenier)
La Palme  (grand LOTO de l'école)
La Redorte  (bourses aux vêtements)
Leuc  (deco d'Antan)
Lézignan-Corbières  (brocante vide grenier)
Lézignan-Corbières  (bourse a la puericulture et aux vetements)
Maquens  (marché de printemps des createurs)
Montréal  (vide grenier)
Montredon-des-Corbières  (bourse aux vêtements)
Narbonne  (vide grenier dimanches et jours feries)
Pexiora  (bourse aux vêtements et puériculture)
Pamiers  (Marché et puces et à la brocantes)
Saint-Girons  (Les puces du champ de mars) 


 What's On



Two door cinema club 11 March Bikini Toulouse


Toques et Cloches 23 March Gardie et Villebazy

RED ARMY CHOIR 27 Mar Zenith Toulouse

ERIC BIBB ET HABIB KOITE 4 April Salle Nougaro Toulouse

ICE AGE LIVE 5/7 April Zenith Toulouse

MELODY GARDOT 14 April Halle aux Grains Toulouse

ALPHA BLONDY & THE SOLAR SYSTEM 17 April Bikini Toulouse

PINK MARTINI 18 April Zinga Zanga Beziers

THE BREEDERS 27 May Bikini Toulouse

TOTO 15 June Zenith Toulouse



DAVID GUETTA 21 June Carcassonne Festival

ARCTIC MONKEYS 15 July Carcassonne Festival

SMASHING PUMPKINS 17 July Carcassonne Festival

LIZA MINNELLI 18 July Carcassonne Festival

NAIVE NEW BEATERS & TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB 20 July  Carcassonne Festival

GEORGE CLINTON & THE BLUES BROTHERS 21 July Carcassonne Festival

Benjamin Biolay + Patti Smith + Lou Reed 22 July Carcassonne Festival

MARK KNOPFLER 24 July Carcassonne Festival


ROMEO ET JULIETTE 15 Nov Zenith Toulouse


halleof blues benicassim 13
 14-mars  aff-semaine-HISP-Carca-2013




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 foolsand horse







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