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Mr Trump surely can’t be two faced? Following the bromance with Macron there was Emanuel’s address to Congress.  Perhaps Donald heard about what he said and decided that whilst addressing The National Rifle Association he would have an incredibly insensitive dig at French gun laws, by suggesting that if the audience at the Bataclan had been armed they could have reduced the death and injury rates. I suppose he then thought London’s apparent spike in blade related murders would be a good way of attacking tourism to the UK thereby getting his own back on all the negative feeling around his planned visit to the UK and London in particular.

No doubt behind the scenes all of the discussions with KJU North Korean boss are currently taking place.  By the time the meeting with Don happens, it will appear that it’s organisation only took an hour and all the arrangements just miraculously fell into place.

I can see golf courses, Trump Towers and casinos popping up all over Pyong Yang in the near future.  I wonder if Kim has his own Stormy Daniels?  I don’t suppose he would have dealt with a similar issue by making pay-offs.

It is looking like the workers are going to be increasing the value of Air France memorabilia - if they get their way of closing the airline down.





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Lost in France


The views expressed here are those of the writer and not of Steve.


chateau2One of the things I’ve been addicted to, other than chocolate of course, is Escape to the Chateau DIY on Channel 4.  Dick and Angel Strawbridge are a charismatic couple (he has a particularly canny eye for what makes good television) visiting and helping Brits buying or owning castles throughout France.  As realistic or unrealistic the programme might be, I still like seeing people discover unforeseen problems in their chateaux.  I don’t know why, but when an owner puts his foot through a floor, breaks a precious bit of masonry or manages to make a really stupid decision like putting up a cheap fence along a dramatic and historic sweeping driveway, I do titter.  It’s probably envy, isn’t it?


People buy these majestic untouched (in a good way - in a bad way would be total destruction) properties for the price of a one bedroom flat in Islington.  They dream of running gîtes, chambres d’hôtes and wedding venues.  Some even have their own crumbling chapels.  And there are a couple of final episodes with a chateau in the Aude/Ariege region - Château de Saint-Ferriol.


There is land, lakes, moats and forests, recreations of historic gardens, vegetable plots sustaining food for hundreds of guests, honey-making, sausage-making, you name it.  They are breathing new life into old properties that the French wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole.  And yes, secretly I envy them.


They buy their property and then usually spend the same amount again on renovation, you need big wallets for this kind of thing.  But a subject that is never mentioned and which must come as a shock to some owners are the taxes.   Taxe Foncière and Taxe d’habitation.  Yikes! Taxes based on the value buildings and the land, I wonder how that works out








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I’ve been spending a lot of my time recently dealing with requests to review UK pensions. As you may know, since Pensions Freedoms legislations were introduced in 2015 removing the need to ever buy an annuity with a pension pot, many pension members have been exploring their options and, in many cases, assuming responsibility for funding their retirements.

Transfer values from final salary pension schemes have never been higher, and this has come as a surprise to many people holding occupational pension benefits, whether from an existing employer, or lying in old employer schemes. It is not unusual for these transfer values to represent life-changing amounts; indeed, I’ve had that exact comment made to me recently.

But what to do with sum an amount of money? In the first instance, as highlighted by my colleague Sue Regan in her last article, consider a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme or QROPS. Based in Malta, and therefore subject to regulation by the Malta Financial Services Authority, the pension pot is safeguarded.

Thereafter as a resident in France, there is a distinct tax advantage in drawing a lump sum from the pot, representing either 25% or 30% of the pension pot (depending upon your residency status and where you intend spending your future years). It’s common knowledge that, in UK, it’s possible to take this lump sum free from income tax if resident there. In France, this is taxable but it’s possible to elect for the lump sum to be taxed at a fixed rate of 7.5% (plus social charges).

If this money is then reinvested in an assurance vie, income can then be taken from it, also tax-efficiently. Under current rules, only the growth achieved on the underlying investment is subject to tax and social charges, not the original capital. Additionally, all growth achieved within the assurance vie is free from capital gains tax, whilst it remains in the policy.

Compare this with the tax treatment if income is drawn from the pension directly. This is subject to income tax with a 10% abatement allowed. All of this means that it’s not always a straightforward decision how to approach funding for (and in) your retirement, and the value of sitting down with a financial planning professional becomes evident. Our role is to explore your options, to assist you with this most important decision, whilst ensuring you take advantage of the tax breaks available

If you feel you could be affected by this or have personal or financial circumstances that you feel may benefit from a financial planning review, please contact me direct on the number below. You can also contact me by email at or call our office in Limoux to make an appointment. Alternatively, I conduct a drop-in clinic most Fridays (holidays excepting), when you can pop in to speak to me. Our office telephone number is

04 68 31 14 10.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Derek Winsland

Chartered Financial Planner

Mobile: 0771 71 95 52


meteo ciel3


Email:  Website:

Forum:     Local Association No : W11200059



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readers write

Hi Steve.. Thanks for more 'food for thought', your humour & practice 'stuff'! ..

Quick note.. My French hubby of some decades says the origin of 'jeans' denim.. Was from the fabric made there long ago.. In Nimes.. Hence.. "de nimes"..

Keep up the good work! SVP! 



I am assured that this tale is true.........

The answer to the question on an application form, " Do you have any children?" was, " Yes, three; one of each." 

Perhaps he won't have to fill in an application for a job????

Regards Alan Aude...


Definitely, Black coloured red squirrels. See them from time to time round Mirepoix.

Not sure, but don't think there are any grey squirrels in France.






Some vide greniers and foires!

Please check before setting off

They also have a sister site where you can giveaway stuff or find stuff others are giving

Its all recycling - you know it makes sense!

If there are two in the same town on the same day, it could be a duplicate on the site or a second event

Black = Aude - Brown = Ariege


Mardi 8 Mai

Alet-les-Bains  Vide grenier-danse country-concours de boules

Carcassonne  Vide grenier du 8 Mai

Carcassonne  Vide grenier brocante

Coursan  Vide grenier de Printemps du Club 70

Fleury  Vide grenier

Gruissan  Vide grenier

Puivert  Vide grenier festif lac de Puivert

Sigean  Vide grenier de l’association rayon de soleil

Trèbes  Vide grenier annuel

Villeneuve-Minervois  Vide grenier

Daumazan-sur-Arize  10ème grand vide grenier

Lavelanet  14ème vide grenier

Mirepoix  1er vide grenier du tennis

Jeudi 10 Mai

Arzens  Vide grenier

Bram  Vide grenier

Fleury  Vide grenier à St Pierre la mer

Fonjoncouse  Vide grenier

Gruissan  Vide grenier

Mirepeisset  Vide grenier

Narbonne  Vide grenier Narbonne en Fête

Roquetaillade  Vide grenier brocante

Castillon-en-Couserans  Vide grenier

Montgaillard  Vide grenier

Samedi 12 Mai

Carcassonne  Vide grenier de printemps

Coursan  Vide grenier

Pamiers  Bourse Troc’AZA

Dimanche 13 Mai

Bram  Vide grenier

Canet  Vide grenier des majorettes

Carcassonne  1er vide grenier La Croix Rouge Carcassonne

Carcassonne  Vide grenier brocante

Caunes-Minervois  Vide grenier

Cournanel  Vide grenier vide dressing

Coursan  Vide grenier

Fabrezan  Vide grenier Fabrezan Art et Environment

Fleury  Vide grenier des chats errants St Pierre la Mer

La Palme  Vide grenier

Laurabuc  Vide grenier

Luc-sur-Orbieu  Vide grenier

Mirepeisset  Vide grenier

Montclar  Vide grenier

Montréal  Vide grenier marché artisanal

Narbonne  Vide grenier boule lyonnaise

Port-la-Nouvelle  Vide grenier

Rieux-Minervois  Bourse moto et vide grenier

Saint-Nazaire-d’Aude  Vide grenier au hameau du Somail

Saint-Polycarpe  Marché aux livres anciens et contemporains

Sigean  Grand vide grenier

Trèbes  Mega vide grenier

Villasavary  Vide grenier

Mirepoix  Vide grenier

Pamiers  Vide grenier brocante

Pamiers  Bourse Tro’AZA

Samedi 19 Mai

Coursan  Vide grenier

Lavelanet  Vide grenier

Mazères  Vide poussette et vide grenier


Dimanche 20 Mai

Bize-Minervois  Vide grenier

Carcassonne  Vide grenier brocante

Coursan  Vide grenier

Cuxac-Cabardès  Vide garage

Fabrezan  Vide grenier

Peyriac-de-Mer  Vide grenier du livre

Saint-Nazaire-d’Aude  Vide grenier

Trausse  Vide grenier

Campagne-sur-Arize  Vide grenier

Foix  Le vide grenier d’Ingénieuse Afrique

La Bastide-sur-l’Hers  Vide grenier et vide jardin

Mazères  Vide poussette et vide grenier

Mirepoix  Bourse collection

Pamiers  Vide grenier brocante

Saint-Girons  Les puces du champ de mars

Saint-Jean-du-Falga  Vide grenier

Lundi 21 Mai

Durban-Corbières  Vide grenier des sapeurs/pompiers

Fitou  Vide grenier

Marcorignan  Vide grenier

Paziols  Vide grenier artisans locaux

Trèbes  Vide grenier

Mirepoix  Bourse collection

Sabarat  Vide grenier

Samedi 26 Mai

Bram  Foire artisanale et vide grenier

Coursan  Vide grenier

Foix  Vide grenier brocante

Dimanche 27 Mai

Canet  Vide grenier

Carcassonne  Vide grenier brocante

Coursan  Vide grenier

Fabrezan  Vide grenier

Fleury  Vide grenier à Saint Pierre la Mer

Ginestas  Vide grenier

La Digne-d’Amont  Vide grenier toques et clochers 2019

Lauraguel  Vide grenier

Leucate  Vide grenier

Limoux  Vide grenier

Montredon-des-Corbières  Vide grenier

Moussan  Vide grenier

Narbonne  Vide grenier

Pépieux  Vide grenier

Puichéric  Vide grenier brocante

Saint-Michel-de-Lanès  Vide grenier de mai

Sigean  Vide grenier

Villemoustaussou  Vide tout

Arignac  Vide grenier

Le Fossat  Vide grenier

Montgaillard  Vide grenier

Pamiers  Vide grenier brocante











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SPARKS  30 May Toulouse Bikini

ANGUS & JULIA STONE 15 July Carcassonne Festival

STING 17 July Nimes Arenes

SIMPLE MINDS 20 July Carcassonne Festival

a-ha 24 July Carcassonne Festival

ROBERT PLANT 24 July Carcassonne Festival

YOUSSOU NDOUR 26 July Carcassonne Festival

BETH DITTO 30 July Carcassonne Festival

THE CAT EMPIRE 21 Nov Toulouse Bikini

CIRQUE DE SOLEIL 20 TO 25 Nov Toulouse Zenith

DISNEY ON ICE 17 TO 20 Jan Toulouse Zenith



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Stage portrait et paysage printemps été 4

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