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Doesn’t it feel like you are being led by lemmings to a very high cliff with the hope that someone at some point will smell the coffee?  No doubt Cambridge Analytica or some other set of bright sparks were paid handsomely to get us to this position.

As far as I can see the benefit of the current situation is removing yet another tier of expensive administration.  However, I think Mr Farage’s MEP pension is for life so I suppose part of the settlement with the EU will be to keep paying him.  Time for an ex-MEP earnings tax?

And centralised European taxes and defence force may not be such cracking ideas.

In the ‘tit for tat’ China-USA trade battles I was surprised to see that one of the 178 products China is imposing a 15% levy on is Ginseng coming from the USA. Coals to Newcastle and surely not likely to be a busy trade?

It’s very interesting that Sergei and Yulia Skripal have not only survived the nerve agent attack but their conditions are improving. I am sure that’s the last thing a some people in the world would like to hear. Maybe it’s not true? And just a tale put out to extract a reaction.  Watch this story and I hope there is very strong security at that hospital in Salisbury.







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Lost in France


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LIFFor those of you who have gites registered with the Tourist board of Limoux, hopefully you have joined the Association which is trying to defend your rights and your income against further taxation.

At the end of last year a new taxe de sejour was being introduced which I believe was aimed at making owners pay a tax for each room whether or not is was occupied.  Having to pay on income not received is a bit harsh.  And gite owners have been up in arms, fighting back and organising themselves into Les Hébergeurs Touristiques du Limouxin.

There are the farmers with their Operation Escargot or the Agriculteurs en colère fighting against the low prices they are paid for their products, blocking the motorways and main roads around various major towns and cities.  The students in universities all over the country striking against reforms to the pension reforms in the education system (and by the way the Montpelier student demonstration was attacked by masked men with bats and tasers).  Lawyers also going on strike against reforms to the legal system. 

So the gite-owners are in good company.  I am impressed with both their logical rhetoric and the speed with which they all united and formed together despite the many and varied owners throughout the region.  Well done.

I’ve not spelled ‘gite’ with a circumflex, although I’m sure someone has been up in arms about the changes made to the French language by its removal.

Oh, and before I end, I would just like to mention a new word I discovered, ‘snobinarde’. I love that French has taken on an English word ‘snob’ which they still use in the same way but also created another ‘snobinarde’.  A person without class who thinks themselves a cut above the rest. I’m sure we can think of a few…..







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My colleague, Sue Regan, in her last article, gave details of a number of tax changes that have been introduced this year. On a positive note, wealth tax (Impot de Solidarite sur la Fortune) has been abolished, to be replaced by a tax on the value of property (Impot sur la Fortune Immobilier) or IFI. This can have real benefit to those with investments outside of property.


Less positive is the abolishment of taper relief on capital gains from the sale of shares bought after 31st December 2017, which includes equity investment funds. This can have serious connotations for those investors holding investment portfolios outside of an Assurance Vie. Portfolios held within equity Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s) in the UK, for example, will be affected. For UK residents, ISA’s represent an excellent savings and investment vehicle, with ‘income’ drawn from the ISA tax free in the hands of the investor. Growth in the investment attract no capital gains tax charge, irrespective of whether the gains are extracted or allowed to roll up within the ISA.


From the start of 2018, capital gains will be taxed at the new Flat Tax rate of 12.8% on the full gain, plus social charges at 17.2%. For shares purchased before 2018, the investor can still elect for the gains to be taxed at the bareme income tax rates, but this taxation election must then apply to all aspects of the investors finances. In this case, taper relief will still apply.


In the hands of a French tax resident, ISA’s don’t enjoy any of the tax benefits UK residents take for granted. It is as if the ISA wrapper doesn’t exist. Instead, in France, taper relief is granted on gains made from equities (shares) where the holding is greater than two years. Where shares have been held for two years and up to eight years, the relief is 50%; after eight years the relief rises to 65% under the current system. Crucially, this relief also applies to collective investments where a minimum of 75% is invested in equities.


If you then factor in the fact that all gains are calculated in euros, shares and equity collectives in the UK held for a long time can be further reduced because the purchase price will be converted into euros using the exchange rate on the day of purchase. Likewise, the euro value is calculated on the day of sale. With the value of sterling currently low, the amount of any gain can therefore be further reduced if the exchange rate on the day of purchase is higher than the rate on the sale date.


All of this means that if you are resident in France, holding on to stocks and shares ISA’s in the UK, it really is time you thought about cashing them in, reinvesting the proceeds in the far more tax efficient Assurance Vie. Time really is of the essence.

If you feel you could be affected by this, or have personal or financial circumstances that you feel may benefit from a financial planning review, please contact me direct on the number below. You can also contact me by email at or call our office in Limoux to make an appointment. Alternatively, I conduct a drop-in clinic most Fridays (holidays excepting), when you can pop in to speak to me.

Our office telephone number is 04 68 31 14 10.


I look forward to seeing you soon.


Derek Winsland
Chartered Financial Planner
Mobile: 0771 71 95 52


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Email:  Website:

Forum:     Local Association No : W11200059

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Some vide greniers and foires!

Please check before setting off

They also have a sister site where you can giveaway stuff or find stuff others are giving

Its all recycling - you know it makes sense!

If there are two in the same town on the same day, it could be a duplicate on the site or a second event

Black = Aude - Brown = Ariege


Samedi 14 Avril

Coursan  Vide grenier

Dimanche 15 Avril

Azille  Vide grenier

Bize-Minervois  Vide grenier

Carcassonne  Vide grenier brocante

Coursan  Vide grenier

Cruscades  Vide grenier

Cuxac-d’Aude  Vide grenier Parc de la Bourgade

Fleury  Grand vide grenier de Printemps

Gruissan  Vide grenier

Narbonne  Vide grenier

Pennautier  Vide grenier MJC XIII

Raissac-d’Aude  Marché printanier

Rieux-Minervois  Vide grenier calandreta Los Cascamèls

Salles-d’Aude  Vide grenier du tennis de table

Villesiscle  Vide grenier

Montgaillard  1er vide grenier du sport

Pamiers  Vide grenier brocante

Saint-Girons  Les puces du champ de mars

Samedi 21 Avril

Coursan  Vide grenier

Limoux  Grande Brocante Professionnelle de printemps

Limoux  Bourse aux Vinyles

Dimanche 22 Avril

Badens  Vide grenier et marché aux fleurs

Barbaira  Foire aux loisirs créatifs et les puces des couturières


Bram  Vide grenier

Carcassonne  Vide grenier brocante

Caunes-Minervois  Vide grenier

Coursan  Vide grenier association célian

Coursan  Vide grenier

Douzens  Vide grenier du Rugby Club de l’Alaric

Fabrezan  Vide grenier

Fleury  Vide grenier à St Pierre la Mer

Gruissan  Vide grenier des Anguialous

Lavalette  Vide grenier

Limoux  Grande Brocante Professionnelle de printemps

Montréal  Vide grenier Marché Artisanal

Narbonne  Vide grenier du printemps

Narbonne  Puces de couturières et vide dressing

Sigean  Vide grenier des Chats Muses

Laroque-d’Olmes  Vide grenier

Pamiers  Vide grenier brocante

Savignac-les-Ormeaux  Vide grenier

Verniolle  Vide grenier brocante

Samedi 28 Avril

Coursan  Vide grenier

Quillan  Vide grenier

Foix  Vide grenier

Dimanche 29 Avril

Bram  Vide grenier annuel

Carcassonne  Vide grenier brocante

Coursan  Vide grenier

Marcorignan  Vide grenier

Mirepeisset  Vide grenier des Vieilles Canailles

Narbonne  Vide grenier

Ornaisons  Vide grenier de printemps

Saint-Gaudéric  Fête du jardin et vide grenier

Saint-Marcel-sur-Aude  Vide grenier

Sigean  8ème les puces des couturières

Villemoustaussou  Vide grenier des vieilles cylindrées

Pamiers  Vide grenier brocante





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