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It would appear the Commander in Chief “over there” may have reeled his neck in?

It’s actually a bit of a surprise that MrWeinstein, allegedly, is a friend of the Democrats, you can imagine him and Trumpy sharing stories in the Jacuzzi?  He did say he wasn’t surprised by the allegations about the movie mogul when he was on his way to his helicopter the other day.

Has anyone told the Catalans whether they will be allowed to be in Europe? Or how much it will cost them to leave?  I am not so sure all this fractionalising is going to help.

Anyway while the sun’s still out I thinks it’s time for a chilled glass of wine.






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Lost in France


The views expressed here are those of the writer and not of Steve.


I’ve just recently heard there is a British Dream, but I’m damned if I know what that means.  I think it might be a temporary illusion that the British can once again achieve the greatness of bygone days and empire.  That Brexit will give the British back their world-power along with self-determination.


The American Dream is well-known and easier to define – the belief that from whatever background you stem, you can achieve greatness, if you work hard anything is possible.

I therefore wondered what the French Dream was.   I don’t mean the one that of the foreigners who have come to settle here believe in i.e. the ‘good’ life, the wine, visiting village markets, exploring castles, eating croissants and drinking coffee in street cafes, but the one that perhaps the French aspire to. Is there one? 


I spoke to my neighbour and no, there isn’t.  Nothing is left of ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ in modern France.  There are corrupt politicians (at this point in time two Communist deputies were mentioned) and children of other politicians who manage to stay in (H.L.M. housing - Habitation à Loyer Modéré) rent-controlled apartments or social housing which is meant for those who cannot afford to pay high rents.  So my neighbour suggests it is the dream of owning their own home and the sacrosanct ability to strike.  That’s about sums it up.  









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The performance of the UK government’s Brexit negotiators, Theresa May included, is giving rise to concerns amongst UK businesses, EU nationals living in UK and, of course, us living and working in the EU. Sterling continues to react daily to the actions and reactions on both sides of the negotiating table, and the general uncertainty that this causes conveys itself to people’s decision-making.


Over the last 15 months or so, I have been approached by a number of prospective new clients, most of whom are asking the same questions: “how will Brexit affect our plans to move to France” and “how will Brexit impact our desire to remain in France”. The honest answer to this (at the time of writing), is no-one yet knows and until something concrete comes out of the negotiations, this will remain the situation. My own belief is that some compromise will be cobbled together to allow some continued freedom of movement in exchange for access to the single market.


What we do know is that if you have aspirations to live in France, you will become resident for tax here and there is nothing more certain than taxes (apart from death of course). As a French tax resident, there are a number of different taxes you will become subject to. This is no different to the position in UK, indeed comparisons undertaken on behalf of a number of prospective ‘movers’ to France has shown only minor differences in tax payable for those people. The proviso used though was that those people put their financial house in order before moving to, and becoming resident in, France.


My Limoux colleague, Sue Regan in her last article, pointed out the pitfalls in assuming UK-based investments would serve the same purpose in France, and that the tax treatment of those investments in UK would transfer across the Channel to France. This is not the case, in fact holding and maintaining UK investments can and do result in nasty tax shocks for those ex-pats who wrongly believe investments like ISAs would be tax exempt in France.


Also, with the introduction of Common Reporting Standards, financial information is being shared across borders, so considering oneself to be hidden from the tax-man in France, whilst holding bank accounts and investments in UK, is delusory. If you have recently received a letter from your UK bank asking you to confirm your address, this is Common Reporting Standards in action; your bank will pass the information on to HMRC who in turn will share it with their French counterparts.


It is better to acknowledge that the ways of the past will not continue to hold true and that work needs to be done if you want to live in France and this includes re-structuring assets to make them French tax-efficient. The simplest way to approach this is to invite an independent financial adviser to carry out a financial review of your circumstances. He or she will put together a report of recommendations, to ensure your move to France will not result in tax shocks further down the line. All you have to do then, of course, is act on the recommendations.


If you feel you could be affected by this, or have personal or financial circumstances that you feel may benefit from a financial planning review, please contact me direct on the number below. You can also contact me by email at or call our office in Limoux to make an appointment. Alternatively, I conduct a drop-in clinic most Fridays (holidays excepting), when you can pop in to speak to me. Our office telephone number is 04 68 31 14 10.


I look forward to seeing you soon.


Derek Winsland

Chartered Financial Planner

Mobile: 0771 71 95 52



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You may have noticed that the nights are getting longer and cooler, so it is time to review the ways of getting into bed and getting warm. I have found that one should lie on ones side, slipe the feet under the duvet, pass the upper hand under the head grasp the duvet and pull it tight against the back of the neck, over the upper ear and under the chin. Then cuddle down and think of England. This is the second best way that I remember. The very best way I remember, is in the morning while she is making the tea.

Regards, Alan... Aude.. 

Some vide greniers and foires!

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