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Toques et Clocher,  Saturday 16th in Limoux


This Saturday, Limoux is the place to be, unless you don’t like crowds or Chardonnay. the 22nd running of this event will i am sure see huge numbers descend on the town. based on reports from previous years it could well be 50 to 60,000 people. even if you aren’t planning on going its better you know it’s on because Limoux will i am sure be blockaded.

To get there you either need to go to Sieur D'Arques 2nd unit (oh what an evocative name) on the Route de Carcassonne in Limoux near to Leclerc and park, whereupon you will be bussed to Allee des Maronniers, i would imagine prior to boarding the bus, you will pay for tickets for tastings, a souvenir glass and the bus journey. If you are coming from the south then you will pick up the bus in Couiza. To go home the same operation will work in reverse.

You will get some idea of the what’s on where from the images below, if you would like sharper versions before you go click here and download from the Sieur d'Arques website. See you there on Saturday?

The following weekend is Operation Hot X Bun, with Hannes, from the Fournil Bio in Luc sur Aude, gearing up to full production of the fresh organic Easter speciality. There will be some available for sale at each of the events but it would be excellent if you could place orders through me, please indicate quantity and the location from which you would like to pick them up.  Then I can group the orders  and send to them to him.  The prices are 75c individually or 6 for 4€.  Yes I know you can get 6 industrial ones from Tesco’s for 70p but please do understand these are both organic and handmade.   Please support this idea of sharing our culture with the local French population and keeping a tradition alive.  They are fine with a cup of tea.

To make sure you get what you want from John Price you really should be placing your orders by phone or on his website

Don’t worry if you don’t have books, cd's or dvd's to donate, you can still have a look to see if you want to buy any.

If you need some plants go along to the plant swaps, even if you don’t have any plants or other unwanted garden stuff (tools, pots or half packets of seeds and so on) to swap, you can meet other gardeners and there may be something which you can recycle into your garden.

For those of you pining for the Fjords, Beziers Airport have an additional (Saturday) flight during the summer to Oslo.


info bands





The next lunch club rendezvous is in Limoux, tomorrow, you can email me by 10.30am tomorrow (Thursday) should you still wish to come.


Future Lunch Club Dates

Thursday 14 April 12.30 L' Orchidée, 9 Avenue Camille Bouche 11300 Limoux 16€, 3 courses and wine or coffee.This will be a taster menu of one of their normal lunch menus in order that you can try many of the dished they prepare

Thursday 28th April, 12.30 L'Arzenais, Arzens

Thursday 5th May, 12.30 Le Temps des Courges, Lagrasse

 Email specifying how many people will attend (please indicate which location and how many vegetarians/pescatarians, if there are any, in your booking). Use these lunches to try a restaurant you haven't eaten in before. Make a day out of it and visit somewhere you haven't been. Meet new people. Come alone or with other friends.

The Events

Luc sur Aude,

Le Fournil Du Luc

Canet d'Aude,

Chez Julie


Domaine des Etoiles


Lieu dit Moulin de L’Évêque

Z.A de l'Horte 

11190 Luc sur Aude

13 Route de Ventenac, 


Opposite the water

tower in Routier

11230 Rivel

Good Friday 22 April

10am to 12

Good Friday 22 April

10am to 12

Good Friday 22 April

2pm to 5pm

Saturday 23 April

10am to 12

Hot X Buns.

CSF receive and sell

books, CDs and DVDs.

Plant Swap.

Mary Hughes Elizabeth Finn Care.  

Hot X Buns.

Simon Taylor, British Consul

CSF receive and sell

books,CDs and DVDs.

Bruce Taylor Mirax, computer surgery (Questions only please).

John Price butcher order drop off.  

Hot X Buns.

Simon Taylor, British Consul

CSF receive and sell

books, CDs and DVDs.

Plant Swap.

Bruce Taylor Mirax, computer surgery (Questions only please).

John Price butcher order drop off.

Mary Hughes, Elizabeth Finn Care.

Pat Penny, Potential Energy, mini health assessment.

Ca Roule, Coffee etc  

Hot X Buns.

Egg  Hunt.

CSF receive and sell

books, CDs and DVDs.

Plant Swap.

Bruce Taylor Mirax, computer surgery (Questions only please).

Mary Hughes Elizabeth Finn Care.

Bacon Sandwiches.  

Gill Masters, exhibition of Paintings
Joel, Artisan Jewellery

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