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Isn’t it supposed to cool down after a large storm in the middle of August? Clearly that idea has been cancelled.  It could cool down on Sunday after a couple of electric showers and then it’s supposed to jump back up to hot! hot! hot!

Have you been to the Grottes de Lombrives?  I am sure I have had guests go and tell me that there were some rather hairy and scary bits (or have I remembered the wrong attraction?) such as a shortage of handrails etc? Well it’s closing in 10 days so if you like to live dangerously, it may be the place for you. Rumour has it the family’s lease is running out, so maybe there will be a better and safer version open in the not too distant future.

It was some years ago that I marvelled at the delights of Google Earth and even shared it on the Flyer.  It seems I wasn’t alone at the time thinking what a nice idea to look at my garden or indeed anyone else’s from space. The Microsoft Corp developed something very similar called Terraserver and they decided to bin the mapping part.  Earth maps and Streetview seem so obvious and now tied to GPS you get Uber and a gazillion other applications based on what people do and where they do it and where they go. Brilliant!

Keith Vaz appears to have got himself in a jam – again.  How did he think he could get away with saying he was a washing machine salesman?  Vaz does sound like Daz and he had been surfing… and he was the Chairman of the influential Home Affairs Select Committee - there must be a few good jokes in there.

So do you think it’s Apple who will buy Formula 1? Perhaps that’s why they are so grumpy about being caught out with their Irish Tax Payments, maybe that money was the deposit?  Or could it be Amazon or a conglomerate of all the big players and will be renamed Microapoogleteslazon’s Formula 1?






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Lost in France

I’d just like to point out that ‘Lost in France’ isn’t written by Steve, so any views, opinions expressed or stories told here do not necessarily mean he agrees with them.

Imagine my surprise when logging onto Facebook last weekend I found that someone I knew slightly 4 years ago was in Limoux.  There was no reason for her to tell me as we only ‘friends’ in the virtual sphere.

She had been camping with her partner in Carcassonne and was on her way to the Ardeche.  On Saturday afternoon their car wouldn’t start, jump leads didn’t work so they had to call for ‘assistance’.  The man came and thought it was a fuse so he bypassed that but still no go.  The car was taken to a garage but of course nothing could be done on it till Monday.  They were taken to a 2* hotel in Carcassonne, by the dual carriageway with no access to shops or facilities so as they had no car they complained and were moved, very surprisingly to them, to a hotel in Limoux.  Perhaps all the 2* hotels in Carcassonne were full. 

On FB she was complaining about the state of Limoux, the dog shit, the broken glass etc. etc. and for some unknown reason I felt quite defensive of this pretty little market town.  From her perspective she was miles from where she wanted to be and even the campsite in Carcassonne was better than the 2* hotel in Limoux.  So I spent a few hours with them in the square, hoping that their holiday hadn’t turned to merde.

It quite nearly did, turn to merde, that is.  On Monday the garage hadn’t looked at the car, the French partner of LV insurance was liaising on their behalf and promised to call back when they knew more.  They never did.  I invited them home for tea and sympathy and at 4.30 we called the garage to be told they didn’t know what the problem was and it could take days.  That would be their holiday gone. More phone calls, the people dealing with it went home, others replaced them – no one at any point calling them back, all calls had to be instigated by them.  Arguments about if they could get a hire car and could their car be repatriated?  It could only be repatriated if it was a certain value, otherwise it would be virtually (in the real world) written off.   Eventually after two and half hours at 6.30 Monday evening they were told that they could have a hire car from Enterprise.  All done and dusted.

By Tuesday morning they were told that because they had already had the value of 3 nights stay in a hotel they couldn’t have a hire car either!  I think at this point she lost it, tore a mighty strip out of someone and they got their hire car and now are happy where they want to be, not Limoux but the Ardeche. 

I now wait to see how they get home.



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With the exception of a weakening pound and falling interest rates, we are yet to see the full impact of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. Perhaps we may not ever see it if Teresa may and/or others decide against triggering Article 50 to herald the start of the process. We currently sit in a ‘phony’ period where no-one knows quite what will happen, causing doubt and uncertainty to set in. We await the latest results to come out of the Treasury and the Bank of England.


The latter recently reduced interest rates to an historic low of 0.25%, at the same time announcing a new round of Quantitative Easing. Falling interest rates are either a good thing or a bad thing depending on which side of the saver/borrower fence you occupy. Clearly borrowers are happy, but for savers, especially those who rely upon their capital to supplement their retirement income, it’s not such a happy picture. Indeed, I am seeing this most days I speak to people about their finances. Thankfully, we are able to make investment recommendations that will generate higher levels of returns to counter falling interest rates, but these don’t suit everybody. But like most things I find in financial services, there’s generally a positive that accompanies a negative, if one looks close enough.


One such area relates to the impact falling interest rates has upon pension transfer values. In my last article I touched upon the way transfer values from occupational (defined benefit) schemes are calculated. Without going into chapter and verse, a fundamental part of the calculation process uses gilt interest rates to determine the transfer amount. Although the schemes have a certain amount of leeway in interpreting the rules, the bottom line is that low interest rates result in much higher transfer values having to be quoted by scheme trustees. This makes the decision on whether it suits an individual’s purpose to transfer somewhat easier to determine.


The observant amongst you will recall I mentioned TVAS in my last article, and the (somewhat out-of-date) rules that the FCA still clings on to. Remember critical yields? Well, a higher transfer value will result in a more achievable critical yield becoming attainable, so making the decision to move to a personal pension such as a QROPS, easier to make. Sure there are variables and these are more or less important depending on who you are and what your circumstances are. Carrying out a full analysis of your own particular situation, Spectrum’s advisers can place you in an empowered position to make your choices, so, if you have a defined benefit scheme that you’ve not either ever reviewed, or one that hasn’t been looked at for a while, perhaps now is the ideal time to do so.


Every cloud……


As my colleague, Daphne, highlighted in her last article, we in Limoux office are staging the latest in our immensely popular Tour de Finance seminars; once again this is to be held at Domaine Gayda near Brugairolles (11300). The date is 7th October, so if you haven’t already booked, I would urge you to do so quickly before it gets booked up. You will find the content up-to-date and informative, with a number of speakers presenting on a range of relevant subjects. If you’re unable to attend, but would like to speak to one of our advisers, you can ring for an appointment or take advantage of our Friday Morning Drop-in Clinic, here at our office in Limoux. And don’t forget, there is no charge for these meetings.

Our office number is 04 68 31 14 10.


See you soon.


Derek Winsland

Chartered Financial Planner

Mobile: 0771 71 95 52  spectnewfoot

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You are in 6NT. They lead the  ten of heartsWhatisyour best line to ensure the contract?




AQ 4

K 2

A 9 8 7

K 9 8 5


Your hand


K 5 2

A 3

Q J 10 4

A J 6 4



You need to know first of all whether the club finesse workssowin the lead in hand and run the Queen of clubs.


If itholdsyoucannowsafetyplay the diamonds to ensurethreediamond tricks. Cash the Ace of diamonds and playtowards the nine. This picks up 4/1 splits on eithersideHowever, if the club finesse losesyou must play the diamonds for no losers, thatisyou must cash the King and finesse the Jack, hoping foQueen to 3 onside.


Lizzie Godfrey

Tech Talk
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Evenenemts CAPCINEMA SAISON 2016 2017 




 readers write

Hello Steve,

It appears that certain people are still unable to grasp the fact the referendum vote came out in favour of leaving the EU.

I have never known such a furore about a simple majority decision being so disrespected. Everything from non-constitutional,

to second thoughts, to disenfranchisement have been thrown at this decision. Apart from the 'London bubble' the overwhelming

majority of English and a goodly proportion of other British took the view to withdraw from the EU. I just wish that the sore losers would accept this, in the way they would expect if they had won the day. Stop bleating and get on with life. I do find the arguments somewhat disingenuous coming from people who willingly chose not to live in the UK, especially the constitutional argument and trying to invoke

some ancient unwritten right in a country in which they no longer reside; it is a bit rich!

As for Diane Abbott, I sincerely believe she is an idiot, a hypocrit and a political chancer. Just examine her performances when she has to speak to interviewers or uses social media.





when I came here the Lb sterling was 1.74 against the euro and 1.56 against the usd - all in favor oh the British Pound.

Several weeks before the Brexit maneuver - who "shorted" the Lb against those currencies? hmmmm now the Lb is at parity - 30pts lost in 7 short weeks - ask yourself - who's making the money? by destroying the British economy?

It certainly isn't the EU states or the Americans, Russians or Chinese NOPE It's the insiders  of the Brexit Maneuver Dis-loyal British assholes.

Stand firm - stay with EU - the British have always been a good light even in the darkest of times.

Thank you for hearing me in your heads & hearts and knowing the truth - BREXIT IS CHAOS & BREXIT IS BAD for the UK!!

The EU can survive without Britain - but can Britain survive without the EU?

now's not the time to be arrogant.



I have pasted below the text of an email I received from conservative MP Maria Miller of Basingstoke and Deane when I emailed her regarding article 50.
Graham Matthews
Good afternoon,


Thank you for contacting me about the result of the recent referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.


The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their decision will be respected. The Government will now prepare for a negotiation with the European Union, working alongside the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments to ensure that the interests of all parts of our UK are protected and advanced.


The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced that he will step down in the coming months, stating that new leadership is required for this important next step in the UK’s path. The Prime Minister has also announced that he will leave it to his successor to decide when to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin the formal process of exit negotiations.


In the meantime, the Prime Minister has announced the creation of a new EU unit in Whitehall. This will bring together officials and policy expertise from across the Cabinet Office, the Treasury, the Foreign Office and the Business Department. The new unit will sit at the heart of government and be led and staffed by the best and brightest from across the civil service. It will report to the whole Cabinet on delivering the outcome of the referendum, advising on transitional issues and objectively exploring options for our future relationship with Europe and the rest of the world from outside the EU.


I would join the Prime Minister in reassuring markets and investors that Britain’s economy is fundamentally strong and I would also reassure Brits living in European countries and European citizens living here that they will be no immediate changes in your circumstances. There will be no initial change in the way Britons can travel, in the way our goods can move or the way our services can be sold. The UK will remain in the European Union while we negotiate our exit with our European neighbours.


Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.


With best wishes,


thank you for your latest - nice post

brexit obviously has you scared numb but it's not official -yet.

go get your french residency permit NOW - they'll say you don't need it - do it anyway 165-285euro IF brexit goes through in like 3 years from now (gov time) you're covered and don't face immigration penalties like 6mo england 6mo here or are barred from re-entry because you violated some obscure law they never told you about in other words - brexit goes thru you are NOT a EU Citizen anymore and have no right to be here except under "immigration law"

unlawful entry can take years to straighten out & knowing the french system and exactly how much they like british - forever forfieture, prison & worse you are being screwed by your own countrymen go get your residence cards TODAY don't say I didn't try to help you


You published the text of the letter you had received from your constituency MP, Diane Abbott,  and I agree with your views on her letter, It is a remarkably clear and straightforward statement of her intent to continue to argue that Parliament should vote on Article 50. It was refreshing to read about her position on this.

You asked if any reader had a response from any Tory Brexit MP. On 28th July I wrote to my constituency MP, Nicola Blackwood (who is now a Health Minister in the current government), urging that it must be Parliament that should vote to approve the way forward on Brexit. She did publicly support the Remain campaign, so is not  a “Brexit MP” and I had rather hoped for a supportive reply. However, I  am still waiting to hear from her, after 3 weeks, so fear that this issue is not top of her priorities!   

In your same newsletter two of your readers drew attention to Grahame Pigney’s Crowd Funding campaign to challenge the governments in the courts, to ensure that it is only Parliament that can decide to take the step which will lead to important rights of UK citizens being removed. I do feel that it is a pity that, in your editorial, you only dealt with your letter to your MP rather than actively supporting this legal challenge, as this may be the only way of ensuring that an Article 50 notice is not served without a Parliamentary vote on the route the government chooses for Brexit. There are only 15 days left in order to fund this legal challenge and at the moment monies to support the campaign have only been pledged by about 850 people, and funding remains at a disappointing 65% of the target of £50,000 needed to proceed with the challenge.

Those who wish to ensure that our rights as European citizens are not arbitrarily removed without a democratic Parliamentary vote do need to do something tangible to achieve this. Support for this important campaign (which I have already supported) is vital.


Peter Elliott


Some vide greniers and foires!
Please check before setting off
They also have a sister site where you can giveaway stuff or find stuff others are giving
Its all recycling - you know it makes sense!
If there are two in the same town on the same day, it could be a duplicate on the site or a second event
Black = Aude - Brown = Ariege

Jeudi 1 Septembre

Argeliers  Exposition ventes de brocantes

Samedi 3 Septembre

Argeliers  Exposition ventes de brocantes

Coursan  Vide grenier route de cuxac

Floure  Vide grenier

Port Leucate  Tante Marie Vide ses Greniers

Lézat-sur-Léze  Vide grenier

Dimanche 4 Septembre

Argeliers  Exposition ventes de brocantes

Azille  Vide grenier de tonic gym

Carcassonne  Vide grenier, quartier de la trivalle

Carcassonne  Vide grenier, brocante

Castelnaudary  Vide grenier et brocante

Citou  Vide grenier

Conques-sur-Orbiel  Vide grenier brocante

Coursan  Vide grenier route de cuxac

Cruscades  Vide grenier des vendanges

Gruissan  Vide grenier association gruis’sang

Mirepeisset  Vide grenier

Montréal  Vide grenier Marché artisanal

Narbonne  Vide grenier

Narbonne  Vide grenier Cap de Pla

Portel-des-Corbières  Vide grenier brocante

Saint-Marcel sur Aude  Vide grenier

Saint-Nazaire-d’Aude  Vide grenier du club de pétanque

Saint-Pierre-des-Champs  Vide grenier du Club du 3e Age

Saint-Pierre-la-Mer  Vide grenier

Villeneuve-lès-Montréal  Vide grenier

Arnave  Vide grenier d’automne

Mazères  Vide grenier mensuel

Mirepoix  Vide grenier

Pamiers  Vide grenier brocante

Saint-Lizier  Marché aux puces

Jeudi 8 Septembre

Argeliers  Exposition ventes de brocantes

Samedi 10 Septembre

Argeliers  Exposition ventes de brocantes

Coursan  Vide grenier route de cuxac

Narbonne  Vide grenier special nocturne

Tournissan  Vide grenier

Seix  Bourse aux vélos

Varilhes  Vide grenier brocante sur la D624

Varilhes  Foire à tout vide grenier nocturne sur la D624

Dimanche 11 Septembre

Argeliers  Exposition ventes de brocantes

Arzens  Vide grenier des vendanges

Carcassonne  Vide grenier

Carcassonne  Vide grenier brocante

Castelnaudary  Vide grenier

Cépie  Vide grenier d’automne

Couiza  Vide grenier de l’Association Au Cœur des Estamounets


Coursan  Vide grenier route de cuxac

Coursan  Vide grenier de Coursan

Fabrezan  Vide grenier

Gruissan  Vide grenier du Kiteclub

La Pomarède  Vide grenier

Lagrasse  Brocante vide grenier 


Le Somail  Vide grenier brocante de l’automne

Malves-en-Minervois  Vide grenier ES Malvoise

Narbonne  Vide dressing

Narbonne-Plage  Vide grenier

Salles-d’Aude  Vide grenier

Trèbes  Vide grenier Music Show

Villedaigne  Vide grenier de la rentrée

Villegailhenc  Vide grenier

Alzen  Vide grenier

Arignac  Vide grenier

Daumazan-sur-Arize  5è Vide Armoire

La Tour-du-Crieu  Vide grenier

Lavelanet  Vide grenier quartier chinois

Le Peyrat  Vide grenier

Manses  Vide grenier d’automne

Pamier  Vide grenier brocante

Saint-Girons  Vide grenier

Saverdun  Vide grenier pour foire aux chevaux

Varilhes  Vide grenier brocante sur la D624

Varilhes  Foire à tout vide grenier nocturne sur la D624


Jeudi 15 Septembre

Argeliers  Exposition ventes de brocantes

Samedi 17 Septembre

Argeliers  Exposition ventes de brocantes

Coursan   Vide grenier route de cuxac

Saverdun  Vide grenier bourse aux livres

Varilhes  Vide grenier brocante sur la D624

Varilhes  Foire à tout vide grenier nocturne sur la D624

Dimanche 18 Septembre

Airoux  Vide grenier

Alzonne  Vide grenier pompiers solidaires


Argeliers  Exposition ventes de brocantes

Carcassonne  Vide grenier brocante

Coursan  Vide grenier route de cuxac

Espéraza  Grand vide grenier

Fontiès-d’Aude  Vide grenier

Gaja-et-Villedieu  Vide grenier

Homps  Vide grenier

Limoux  Vide grenier fête du cheval

Magrie  Vide grenier

Narbonne  Vide grenier

Palaja  Grand vide grenier

Pexiora  Vide grenier – Salon du modélisme

Saint-Marcel sur Aude  Vide grenier du téléthon

Salles-d’Aude  Vide grenier organisé par des pompiers

Villemoustaussou  Vide grenier de l’assocation familiale

Dalou  Vide dressing et vide poussette

Laroque-d’Olmes  Vide grenier d’automne

Mazères  Vide grenier mensuel

Pamiers  Vide grenier brocante

Rieux-de-Pelleport  Vide grenier

Varilhes  Vide grenier brocante sur la D624



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 Position wanted
Hi Holiday home owners in the St Girons area. Do you need a house sitter whilst you are away?. House upkeep, light gardening, preparing house for your return. This helps security for your home in your absence. Airport runs can be arranged. Recommendations are available.
Please contact Lorna on 0641 91 42 42 email
I hope you get this ok
Best regards



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CIRQUE DU SOLEIL 22 to 26 Nov Zenith Toulouse

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