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I understand why people want their national teams to support, such as Wales, Northern Ireland etc., but when it comes down to Euro2016 and the World Cup surely the United Kingdom would have a much better chance of actually winning something if they were putting a team together from the whole of the British Isles.  Wouldn’t it also allow people to behave as Brits and support the country as a whole?  I am sure civil wars have been fuelled by similar situations.  So good luck to Wales, Northern Island and England and hopefully someone will come to their senses and unify a team and a country.

I suppose if you continue that process you can end up with Europe United


And yes, the Referendum is another case in point.  I am not sure the general public asked for it nor do they feel they understand enough to make a decision?  Nevertheless, next Thursday British nationals who have registered to vote will decide based on perhaps a lot of exaggerated information.  The strength of feeling is getting wound up and I nearly ended up in a fracas with a lady whilst in a German owned four-letter named supermarket.  She considered that 70 million Turkish people were the next to arrive and she didn’t care that the British unemployed were unprepared to do the jobs that many economic migrants are now doing. I suggested no one would harvest vegetables she said she didn’t care as she had an organic garden. She mumbled loudly and went out to her car, a Mercedes Vito, if only that was the only Veto she had!


Oh yes and the disgusting murder of Jo Cox the Labour MP in Yorkshire has resulted in a local man being arrested, I can only hope he did do it because if it was a foreign national I would hate to think what would happen.


Meatloaf and Rick Parfitt both slowed down by dickie tickers, maybe time to retire?


If you have been watching any of the programmes like Grand Designs you will have seen the German factory-built kit house made by a company called Huf.  They are a good idea especially because they can go up quickly with interiors, finishes and electrics already built in.  However why do they need to be so expensive?   Perhaps it is now time for the Scands to get together, I mean Lego and Ikea.  They could produce a kit house which you make up to fit your site and requirements, it could be purely digital or physical pieces but on that basis you would get planning permission.  It arrives a month later at a sensible flat pack price. You then need a really big allen key and a screwdriver.


As you maye noticed i have been having trouble keeping up with the Flyer schedule, i intend to get back on track by sending out the next one on time, next Wednesday. Yes its two in quick succesion but i need to bring it to normal schedule, wish me luck

 Have a bonne Fete de la Musique





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The Wine Lover’s Guide to Investing.


Savouring a vintage wine is one of life’s great pleasures. But often overlooked in the joy of consumption is the carefully collaborated journey from grape to glass. Similar levels of care are critical to good investment outcomes.


A host of variables can determine whether a wine is great, good, mediocre or undrinkable. These include the qualities of the grapes, the soil, the position of the vineyard, the weather, the irrigation and the timing of the harvest.


And picking the grapes is not the end of it. The harvest must be sorted, the grapes crushed and pressed, then fermented, clarified, aged and bottled. At any stage of the process, a lack of attention to detail can spoil the final outcome.


As in wine making, investment management requires attention to detail – researching and identifying the dimensions of expected returns, designing strategies to capture the desired premiums, building diversified portfolios and implementing efficiency.


Just as wine makers don't have any say over the weather, investment managers can't control the markets. Not every harvest will produce an excellent vintage, but expert professionals can still maximise their chances of success by putting their greatest efforts into things they can influence.


For wine makers that may be taking extreme care in picking the grapes at a time that delivers the desired balance of acidity and sweetness. For investment managers, it can mean precisely targeting the desired premiums while ensuring sufficient diversification to lessen idiosyncratic risk in the portfolio.


Wine making is as much an art as a science. While fermentation comes naturally, the wine maker must still guide the process, using a variety of techniques to ensure the wine is as close as possible in style and flavour to what he's seeking to achieve.


Similarly in investment, real world frictions mean that basing one’s approach purely on a model is unlikely to be successful. For instance, trade-offs must continually be made between the expected benefits of buying particular securities and the expected cost of transactions. Managing the effects of momentum and being mindful of tax considerations are among the other issues to be balanced. Just as in investment outcomes can also be affected by a number of external events such as the imposition of capital controls in an emerging market, or changes in regulation, a major geopolitical event or a severe financial crisis.


Dealing with the uncertainty and navigating the unknown unknowns are part of the job. Some investment managers must build into their processes a level of resilience, through diversification, for instance, so they have sufficient flexibility to work around unforeseen events.


Ultimately, the benefits of discipline and attention to detail are easy to overlook. Great ideas count for a lot, of course. But great ideas without efficient implementation can mean even the best grapes in the world go to waste.


If you'd like to discuss your investments and how they're managed, ring or drop in to our office here in Limoux Tuesday to Friday.



Derek Winsland

Chartered Financial Planner

Mobile: 0771 71 95 52



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L'Audeaunat's Wildlife diary


During the start of summer you can hear songs and see dances everywhere you look; it’s the mating season for numerous insects such as grasshoppers, beetles, butterflies…. but also and above all it is the dragonflies and damselflies that are the essence of summer. Watch out for a specialty of these charming insects: whilst mating the males and the female form a heart-shape. In reality the sex organs needed for copulation are not situated in the same place for the females (at the end of the abdomen) and the males (at the base of the abdomen), so they are obliged to indulge in some amorous acrobatics…….




If you search carefully in the fennels and wild carrots in your garden, you will perhaps have the luck to see the sublime Swallowtail caterpillar (Papilio machaon) growing. But watch out, if you try to pick it up, two horns will come out from behind the head which will give off a very unpleasant smell – that’s how a caterpillar that doesn’t sting defends itself!



Summer also is the period when the majority of amphibians that metamorphose climb out of the water. One of the earliest is the Common Parsley frog (Pelodytes punctatus) and for good reason, the species are drawn to ponds that dry up in summer.

If you have a good sense of smell you will have no doubt noticed a certain aroma that has drifted in the air for a few days. It’s from the Lizard orchid  (Himantoglossum hircinum) that have come into flower. If you don’t why it is given a nickname –bouc- in France, get up close and breathe in its’ perfume……

Loïc Brepson, Wildlife guide


You are in six no-trumps and they lead the ten of spades. You cover and it holds. Can you spot a possible problem making this contract?


K Q J 3

6 5

4 3

Q 6 5 4 3

Your hand



A K 6 5

A K 9 8


Haven’t you got twelve tricks now? Don’t you have one spade trick, five club tricks, four hearts and two diamonds? Ahh, but take a closer look at that club suit. If they break 3/1 the suit is blocked! The solution is to play another spade from Dummy throwing a club from hand. Whatever the defence return, your clubs are accessible.



Lizzie Godfrey

meteo ciel3

Tech Talk




Password Recovery

We all need passwords, everything its seems now wants a password and they all want you to have a different password for every website, service and login. We all know how important it is to have a good (strong) password or as the “new” term that’s being use a Pass Phrase, longer than a normal password.


Many people have problems remembering a password, so what should you do?


Simple answer - WRITE it down, keep a small book with all your passwords and then keep the book in a safe place.


Oh I hear the shouts – But we were always told NOT to write it down.


Here what the old System admin people actually said: Do not write down your password and then leave it under the keyboard.



What they meant was: Write down your password and keep it in a safe place.


So what do you do if the password really is lost/forgotten?


You use the password recovery system, some sites you click on forgotten password, others I cannot login, or having trouble logging in or something in a similar vain.


You will then get the option to recover your password, some will send you a password via email, others will send you a password reset via email, but increasingly sites want to send an SMS message to your mobile phone containing a code, you type the code into the web site and then it allows you to reset the password.


Then method of using a mobile SMS is a form of TWO Factor authentication, it make doubly sure that it’s the real person who owns the account and not a hacker.


So its VERY! important to keep your account details and especially your mobile number upto date on the accounts page of the site or service you are using. In many cases someone else may have setup your account and used their mobile number or did not enter a mobile number at all or it has an old number from a few years ago.


If something happens to your account, if someone tries to hack your account or if you forget the password and you have not updated your detail then there is a very good chance you will permanently lose access to that account. If its you main email address or even something you’ve bought from (online music, audio books, ebooks ect…) then you may also lose access to those as well and this can be extremely frustrating and stressful.


If you are worried about your account being hacked and want an added level of protection you can turn on TWO Factor authentication in your account settings. This will every time you logon send an SMS with a code to your mobile phone, which you then type into the logon screen. It sounds like hard work and YES it is and it happens every time. But you soon get used to it and in some case certain devices can be granted/trusted status so that they do not require it while in your home location but only ask for it if you move away from home. 


I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your details up to date for each account you have, weather its email, bank, phone, facebook, or any other login.


If you need help or have any questions about your computer please give me a call or send me an email for advice. or Telephone 05 61 60 84 23.

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Dear Steve,

Stuart ought to reflect that it might be wise for him to be a little careful about getting angry about the lack of democracy elsewhere

when one House of the British legislature is composed, not of elected representatives, but of people, as Lloyd-George put it,

'selected at random from amongst the unemployed'.

Stuart himself poses as an innocent bystander simply wanting facts to help him make his decision but cannot resist spitting bile at EU 

civil servants and members of the Labour Party he associates with Brussels, so revealing his own, apparently irresistible, biases.

He says the Sweeney letter is simply a list of benefits which would have come about anyway. No, Sir ! Not under the Tories, who, on the whole, believe that the inherent right of businesses to give the minimum in income and benefit should be tampered with as little as possible. We must clearly understand that this is where we are going if we leave; the nastiest part of the 'nasty party' will be triumphant and huge social gains will be lost.

In the end Stuart has to make up his mind on a matter of trust. Simon Sweeney is an academic economist with a special interest in Europe. His job in that capacity is to report what he finds from the available evidence and he would throw away all credibility were he to compromise his integrity by pretending to a conclusion he cannot demonstrate. So it's either Dr Sweeney or  Duncan Smith the least impressive leader the Tories ever had, and Boris Johnson who does not appear to know the difference between truth and fantasy. Go on, Stuart, make an intelligent choice.



Some vide greniers and foires!
Please check before setting off
They also have a sister site where you can giveaway stuff or find stuff others are giving
Its all recycling - you know it makes sense!
If there are two in the same town on the same day, it could be a duplicate on the site or a second event
Black = Aude - Brown = Ariege

Dimanche 19 Juin


Argeliers Exposition ventes de brocantes

Bize-Minervois Vide grenier du petanque club de bize

Bram Vide grenier

Brugairolles Vide grenier

Capendu Vide grenier

Carcassonne 5éme Fête du pain, du Terroir et son vide grenier

Carcassonne Vide grenier brocante

Castelnaudary Vide greniers et brocante

Couiza Vide grenier

Coursan Vide grenier

Cuxac-Cabardès Vide grenier brocante et fête de la nature

Cuxac-d’Aude Vide grenier Association Patrimoine Cuxanais

Gruissan Vide grenier de l’echo de la Granhote

Lagrasse Brocante Vide grenier

Marseillette Vide grenier de l’école

Montséret Vide grenier

Narbonne Vide grenier profit animaux abandonnés Surprise aux Papas

Narbonne-Plage Vide grenier

Saint-Marcel sur Aude Vide grenier

Salles-d’Aude Vide grenier

Sigean Vide grenier Corbières Peuples Solidaires

Villasavary Vide grenier

Villedaigne Vide grenier de Villedaigne en fêtes

Coutens Vide grenier

Dun Vide grenier et foire artisanale

Le Vernet Vide grenier

Saint-Jean-d’Aigues-Vives Vide grenier

Varilhes Vide grenier brocante


Jeudi 23 Juin


Argeliers Exposition ventes de brocantes


Samedi 25 Juin


Argeliers Exposition ventes de brocantes

Coursan Vide grenier

Pamiers Vide grenier Le cœur sur la main

Saverdun Vide grenier sur la chasse et pêche

Varilhes Vide grenier brocante

Varilhes Foire à tout vide grenier nocturne

Varilhes Bourse à l’auto et moto


Dimanche 26 Juin


Alairac Fête de la chasse et des amis de la nature

Alzonne Grand vide grenier de la pêche

Argeliers Exposition ventes de brocantes

Arques Vide grenier

Bellegarde-du-Razès Foire artisanale et vide grenier

Carcassonne Vide grenier brocante

Coursan Vide grenier

Cuxac-d’Aude Hyper vide grenier au profit des chats abandonnes

Gruissan Vide grenier du Patinage

Laure-Minervois Vide grenier des Sapeurs Pompiers

Leucate-Plage Tante Marie vide des greniers

Marseillette Vide grenier

Montlegun Grand vide grenier ecole de cirque et hip hop

Montolieu Vide grenier bourse aux vêtements

Peyriac-de-Mer Grand vide grenier festif du rugby peyriac bages

Quillan Vide grenier à mi chemin

Roquefort-des-Corbières Vide grenier annuel Anim 540

Saint-Marcel sur Aude Vide grenier au profit de l’assocation la jolie fée

Saint-Pierre-la-Mer Vide grenier

Salles-d’Aude Vide grenier organisé par les pompiers

Salsigne Vide grenier

Villedubert Vide grenier des 2 écluses

Villespy Vide grenier

Castillon-en-Couserans Vide grenier

Garanou Vide grenier

Mirepoix Vide grenier dans le cadre de la fête du quartier

Pamiers Vide grenier Le cœur sur la main

Varilhes Vide grenier brocante

Verniolle Vide grenier solidaire


Lundi 27 Juin

Pamiers Vide grenier Le cœur sur la main

Mardi28 Juin

Pamiers Vide grenier Le cœur sur la main

Jeudi 30 Juin

Argeliers Exposition ventes de brocantes

Samedi 2 Juillet

Argeliers Exposition ventes de brocantes

Coursan Vide grenier

Port Leucate Tante Marie Vide ses greniers

Portel-des-Corbières Vide grenier brocante

Sigean Playmobil exposition

Saverdun Vide grenier marché aux puces, pièce auto et moto

Varilhes Vide grenier brocante

Varilhes Foire à tout vide grenier nocturne

Varilhes Bourse à l’auto et moto

Dimanche 3 Juillet

Argeliers Exposition ventes de brocantes

Baraigne Vide grenier

Barbaira Vide grenier

Bram Vide grenier CCBram

Carcassonne Vide grenier brocante

Chalabre Vide grenier

Coursan Vide grenier

Cruscades Vide grenier des juilletistes

Cuxac-d’Aude Vide grenier

Embres-et-Castelmaure Vide grenier d’Embres

Ferrals-lès-Corbières Vide grenier du pétanque club

Labastide-d’Anjou Vide grenier

Leucate La Franqui Tante Marie vide ses greniers

Limoux La mensuelle brocante

Mirepeisset Vide grenier des joyeux conducteurs de 2CV

Narbonne Vide grenier

Pech-Luna Vide grenier

Pennautier Vide grenier Cyclo club

Peyriac-de-Mer Vide grenier assocatif

Pezens Vide grenier du RC Pezenois

Port-la-Nouvelle Vide grenier nocturne de la Calandreta

Pradelles-en-Val Vide grenier et concour de pétanque

Saint-Martin-de-Villereglan Vide greier Association

Sigean Playmobil exposition

Cadarcet Vide grenier

Celles Vide grenier

Mazères Vide grenier mensuel

Moulin-Neuf Grand vide grenier

Saint-Lizier Marché aux puces de la cave au grenier

Saverdun Vide ta chambre

Varilhes Vide grenier brocante

Vèbre 7ème Vide grenier de l’Association Vèbre Chemins Faisant








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What's On


NEIL YOUNG 21 June Zenith Toulouse


ELTON JOHN 8 July Argeles


PHARRELL WILLIAMS 16 July Carcassonne Festival

MUSE 17 July Arenes de Nimes

DAVID GILMOUR 20 & 21 July Arenes de Nimes

MARIANNE FAITHFULL 29 July Carcassonne Festival

SCORPIONS 31 July Carcassonne Festival


PETER DOHERTY 18 nov Bikini Toulouse


CIRQUE DU SOLEIL 22 to 26 Nov Zenith Toulouse

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