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So France was selling those ships to Russia, but it had to be cancelled owing to sanctions over the “troubles” in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Then they were to be sold to Egypt.  My ‘conspiracy theory’ brain thought - Egypt could be perhaps an intermediary and they may sell them on straightaway without even being entered on the CG. Everyone’s happy and Egypt makes a bit on the deal? Sounds reasonable.  Then the charter flight apparently falls from the sky.

Well, you can make your own story up from there but I personally don’t buy poor maintenance and that the plane had a tail crash and after major works had returned to airworthiness.  I am sure with the Egyptian, Russian and French air accident investigation teams there on the ground the truth will soon out.

It’s the good news and bad news time as next year around the 14th of July Carcassonne once again scores a stage start on the Tour de France. 

On the last Flyer I had said my ramble was quite short because I wasn’t inspired and a kind reader suggested a guest blogger, to which I asked if he was volunteering, I don’t seem to have received a response, would anyone like to have a shot at it?

Let me know.





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Lost in France


Previously I’d mentioned that I didn’t want to talk about builders, as everyone has their own stories.  But as things progressed, I started to think it might be a good idea, without naming and shaming (not yet), to tell it anyway.

We had hired a local village builder to do repairs for us.  We could have done it ourselves but it would have taken a long time and we would have had no guarantee to fall back on and as this problem had been re-occurring over several years we decided to get it done professionally.  We agreed the devis and paid the 50% several months up front.  We were told that the work would take 5 days.

The work took 3 days with three workmen.  We’d mentioned as the work was starting that certain things needed to be done but we were fobbed off, either being told they would do it or it wasn’t necessary.  So when the work was finished in less time than expected we were not surprised to see that corners had been cut, left-over material from other jobs had been used and the high quality we had expected (from seeing the builder’s previous work) hadn’t been achieved.

The builder and his chief worker came round the next day with the invoice requesting the balance be paid and we suggested that they look at the work that had been done.  You would have thought this would have been done first before giving me the invoice but hey ho!  We pointed out the main problem we could see and they said they come back to fix.  However, later on we decided to take a closer look and what was revealed was so upsetting and bodged that we took photos and emailed them to the builder.

He replied immediately saying that the workers would come round at a given time to discuss.  What actually happened was that 2 workers arrived unannounced and started work.  After a phone call to their boss they left.  What with the language difference, again being thought of as stupid, or English or with too much money or all of the above, and the fact that they were asking for the balance of the money when we were so unhappy with the standard of work, we were needless to say incredibly stressed out.

Eventually yet another meeting was held.  The builder arrived to discuss our problems and virtually held up his hands and said ‘mea culpa’, I agree with you the work is substandard.  Surprised or what?   He then suggested yet another meeting with us, him and his chief worker at which they went over the work with a fine tooth comb and agreed to re-do the work to our standard.  I wonder why this couldn’t have been done in the first place, but I think I know why.

Watch this space – sort of, as I hope I won’t need to be telling more of this story.  Oh and I’m not too sure that the image for this article would cover the terms I wanted to use.




Email:;  Website:

Forum:      Local Association No : W112000594

*Note, this is the first Wednesday of the month as the 11th is Armistice Day





 lenetwork  Local press ad







My article last month focussed on types of risk that that can present danger to the unwary investor.  My

top two risk types were Institutional Risk and Market Risk, but I concentrated mainly on my third risk factor

– Foreign Exchange, largely because of my previous experience in this field.  I was quite surprised by

the interest the article produced, partly because the people who commented weren’t really ‘grabbed’ by

F/X risk; but rather more interested in the other two categories.  Can the modern investor really fall foul

of institutional risk?  Is anyone really daft enough to think that you can have decent profits or returns

without taking on some degree of market risk?  Unfortunately, the answer to both those last two questions

is yes.  I thought you might be entertained if I gave you some examples that hopefully won’t ring too

many bells from your own experiences…


In 2009 I met a very interesting lady who was referred to me by a colleague in Spain, not that that

is particularly relevant, but I did end up wondering if she’d had too much sun.   All I knew before I met

her was that she was due to receive a large sum shortly, and she wanted some investment advice.  I

spent ninety minutes with her, most of which was taken up with a battle of hope over reality.  This

unfortunate lady had been investing for a number of years with an organisation called The Liberty Wealth

Club, and was 100% confident that she would be receiving a pay-out of $150,000 from the club in a matter

of weeks.  The more I listened, the more appalled I became, for this was truly a forerunner of a ‘Ponzi’

scam, labelled and outlawed in the UK as a Multi-Level Marketing scheme.  Nothing I could say to her

would make her listen.  In the end, I told her that I would be delighted to help her invest her funds when

they arrived, and we agreed to meet again on that basis.  I never heard from her again.



A year or so later I took on a new client with a much more understandable problem.  He had bought

an apartment in Spain ‘off-plan’, with a view to selling it on before completion, at a healthy profit.  As far

as I’m aware, to this day he is still the legal owner of this apartment, although he returned the keys

and stopped paying the mortgage years ago.  It is a nightmare waiting to revisit him.


Another client with a similar problem bought a flat in Budapest, again unbuilt and ‘off plan’.  The

amount invested was sizeable, and it took four years for a brick to be laid.  In desperation he

eventually managed to sell it at a 60% loss.



Undeterred, this same client, before I met him I might add, then decided to invest in a forestry

scheme designed to give him a regular income payment for the rest of his life.  Unfortunately a drought

seems to have interfered badly enough for the income to have dried up (sorry) completely.


Recently I have come across a mind-boggling concept called GCR  -  Global Currency Reset.  Please, please,

do not let anyone persuade you to invest any of your hard earned cash building up reserves in currencies

such as the Iraqi Dinar or the Vietnamese Dong in the expectation that they will soon be revalued overnight

and make your fortune.  Believe me, this is not going to happen.


Sane people make these totally irrational investment decisions, albeit whilst temporality on the throes of

some form of dangerous mental instability, as it is the only justification I can think of.  Please do not

be tempted to join this group of dramatic under-achievers. Sound financial advice may seem boring;

much along the lines of ‘single digit gains’ and ‘realistic investment profiles’.  Sound financial advice

will however always save you from the nightmares that can result from your own flights of fancy, should

you be that way inclined.  And believe me, some of you are.


If you have any questions on this, or any other subject, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Rob Hesketh:

By phone on 0468 247758 or mobile 0631 787647

Or by mail at

You can find out more about Spectrum on


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 SOIREE BULLES 05.12 aude

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 aladdin 5


Many thanks to those of you who have already lobbied the House of Lords to give all UK overseas voters the vote in the EU referendum.  This has already had an impact: on Monday, Lord Hannay (ex Ambassador to the UN) and Baroness Sue Miller, will propose amendments to the Referendum Bill to ensure that all British Citizens would have a vote in the EU Referendum, regardless of whether/how long they have lived abroad.  

To ensure that an amendment to the franchise is accepted, and that people directly and seriously affected by the EU Referendum have a say, we need to ask for your support again.  There are two ways in which you can help:-

1. Please complete this questionnaire circulated by the New Europeans.  The aim is to gather feedback from both overseas voters and UK voters concerning the franchise for the EU Referendum.  The information gathered will be collated and provided to peers to back up lobbying efforts by New Europeans, the Votes for Expat Brits campaign, and other organisations lobbying on this issue:-

 2. PLEASE LOBBY A LORD if you have not already done so.   The EU Referendum Bill is currently in committee stage, 1st and 2nd readings having taken place.  Peers have introduced amendments and these have to be accepted for further debate at report stage.  Only if an accepted amendment passes at report stage, will it be debated in the House of Commons.  If not - the matter is dead.  So we need to keep lobbying to ensure that the amendments to be launched on Monday are accepted for debate at the next report stage.  How to lobby:-

Go to  --

In the first Search Option Box select ‘Policy Interest’

In second Search Box select ‘Parliament, Government and Politics’

Choose a likely peer.  It is important that many mails reach Baroness Anelay, as Government spokesperson for the Bill.  Equally, the spokespersons for Labour and the 

Lib Dems: Baroness Morgan of Ely and Lord Wallace of Saltaire.

But please send to several members (especially Conservatives)

You can simply copy and paste the following. Remember mailings must go one by one!

Dear Baroness Anelay (or your chosen peer)

Subject: The EU Referendum Bill

The current EU Referendum Bill excludes UK citizens who have lived overseas for more than 15 years from the franchise. The EU Referendum will directly and seriously affect the personal and professional status of these UK citizens in an immediate way and they should have a say.  Please support any amendment to that effect and ensure that it is debated at the Report Stage, and urge the Government to accept a positive outcome.

send to

Many thanks in advance!

Brian Cave            Jane Golding

le Fourquet, Gourdon, 46300, France       -Votes for Britons  -      

Brian Cave
le Fourquet, Gourdon, 46300, France

Tel-    ++33(0)565 41 42 69
web site:-  

-Votes for Britons  -  




meteo ciel3

 truff15 to 16





Bridge problem


You have reached six spades which looks like a good contract. they lead a trump and both follow. Over to you.



Q 10 9 7



A 6 5 4


Your hand

A K J 8 3 2

7 6

5 4

K 7 2






You have eleven tricks and need one more. You have three possibilities: clubs 3/3, a diamond finesse or a heart finesse. The best line combines all of these chances; Draw trumps and finesse the heart. If it wins you are home. If it loses, win the return and throw a club from hand on the top heart. Now play Ace and King of clubs and ruff a club. If they are not 3/3, you'll have to try that diamond finesse....





Lizzie Godfrey





 Autumn is definitely here and autumn colours this year in the vineyards seem to be particularly striking.  In our gardens  as well many winter deciduous trees and shrubs are  turning beautiful shades of gold and red.  There are  many long flowering perennials (eg salvias, gaillardias, ceratostigma) that are still giving plenty of colour, and will do so until the frosts.  But, it is always interesting to have something that comes new into flower to add to the surprise element in gardens.  Cassia candolleana is a stunning shrub that comes into flower in mid September and will flower until the frost.  In milder climates or sheltered positions this can make a small tree, at La Petite Pépinière in Caunes-Minervois our winters can go down to about -8°C and the stems of the plants freeze, I then cut these stems back to the base of the plant at the end of winter and by mid September have a plant of about 1,20m high with a similar spread.  The plant likes some organic material in the spoil, appreciates full sun and a little supplementary irrigation over the summer.

This is still an excellent time to be planting hardy trees, shrubs and perennials.  Tender perennials can be lifted and potted for placing in a frost free (but not too warm) environment for the winter, it is a good idea to take a few cuttings as well.  Keep collecting fallen leaves and adding them to your compost heap.  As winter approaches it is a good time to clean out bird boxes - well in advance of next spring - and also to clean up bird tables etc if you plan to feed birds over winter.

For any garden queries do get in touch with Gill Pound ( 04 68 78 43 81 or ). La Petite Pépinière de Caunes 21, av de la Montagne Noire (route de Citou) 11160 Caunes-Minervois. Remember that you are always welcome to visit the garden to observe, take notes etc.  We are also always open by appointment, just phone or email to fix a time.

             Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm from the beginning of September until the end of November. 

La Petite Pépinière de Caunes
21, av de la Montagne Noire,
11160 Caunes-Minervois
04 68 78 43 81





 fetes aude autumn















The Property Page





 front door 011smallarcher

 Razes circulade village

Period house in a beautiful Razes circulade village.  This renovated but unspoilt house is over 200 years old and has far reaching views of countryside, hills and mountains from almost every room, and a stunning roof terrace.  There are 3 double bedrooms, large lounge, separate dining room and kitchen.  There is also a very large walk-thru cellar.  The house retains many period features including a beautiful oak staircase.  

Price 99,000 euros. .




Former Presbetary with courtyard near town centre



 Village house to renovate with a courtyard of 80m²




Bordebasse du Lac - Cottage available for long term rental

 Detached modern house

for sale in Montréal


Holiday Apartment AiguaBlava,

Costa Brava


Naturist Property 97,500 euro


for 13 editions (6months)
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2 ref decisions to suggest he supports the Southern Hemisphere !

Tim Hunt

Some vide greniers and foires!
Please check before setting off
They also have a sister site where you can giveaway stuff or find stuff others are giving
Its all recycling - you know it makes sense!
If there are two in the same town on the same day, it could be a duplicate on the site or a second event
Black = Aude - Brown = Ariege

Vendredi 6 Novembre


Cuxac-d'AudeBourse aux jouets

MirepeissetBourse aux jouets nous vendons pour vous

Samedi 7 Novembre


CoursanVide grenier à Coursan

Cuxac-d'AudeBourse aux jouets

LimouxVide-Grenier LIONS Club

MirepeissetBourse aux jouets nous vendons pour vous

SaverdunVide greniers +brocante

VarilhesVide grenier brocante

VarilhesBourse a l'auto et moto

VerniolleVide jouets, livres, vetements enfants, puericulture

Dimanche 8 Novembre

ArzensBourse aux jouets,livres adultes et enfants,disques et cds

Azille Vide grenier

Barbaira Bourse aux jouets

Brousses-et-VillaretBourse au jouet puericulture vetement enfants

Carcassonne4 eme salon des collectionneurs

CarcassonneVide grenier brocante

CavesVide greniers


CoursanVide grenier à Coursan

CoursanTraditionnel Grand Vide Grenier d'Automne du Club 70

Cruscades Bourse aux Jouets organisé par la société de la pêche

Cuxac-d'AudeBourse aux jouets

FabrezanBourse aux jouets et vide dressing

FleuryVide grenier et Foire Gastronomique

FontjoncouseBourse aux jouets

LeucateVide poussette

LeucateVide grenier du rugby

Lézignan-CorbièresFoire aux jouets, aux jeux et a la puericulture

MarcorignanBourse Aux Jouets et Aux Vêtements

MirepeissetBourse aux jouets nous vendons pour vous

Moussan Bourse aux jouets, vêtements enfants et puériculture

MouxVide dressing, bourse aux jouets et puériculture

Narbonne Vide Grenier foire auxdisques et aux livres et jouets

Saint-Laurent-de-la-CabrerisseVide grenier assl fc

Salles-d'AudeBourse aux jouets et vêtements d enfants

Villesèque-des-CorbièresBourse aux jouets et vêtements - vide grenier

PamiersMarché et puces et à la brocantes

VarilhesVide grenier brocante





 Helena huile sur toile 30cm 091


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THE RED ARMY CHOIR 3 Nov Zenith Toulouse

UFO 10 Nov Le Metronum

THE STRANGLERS 10 Nov Bikini Toulouse

NIGHTWISH 26 Nov Zenith Toulouse

LA TRAVIATA 28 Nov Zenith Toulouse

SCORPIONS 4 Dec Zenith Toulouse

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL 22/26 Nov Zenith Toulouse

UB40 12 April Casino Toulouse


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